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Royal Dutch Shell plc first quarter 2015 Euro and GBP equivalent dividend payments

Taxation cash dividends

Dividends on A Shares will be subject to the deduction of Netherlands dividend withholding tax at the rate of 15%, which may be reduced in certain circumstances. Provided certain conditions are met, shareholders in receipt of A Share dividends may also be entitled to a non-payable dividend tax credit in the United Kingdom.

Shareholders resident in the United Kingdom, receiving dividends on B Shares through the Dividend Access Mechanism, are entitled to a tax credit. This tax credit is not repayable. Non-residents may also be entitled to a tax credit, if double tax arrangements between the United Kingdom and their country of residence so provide, or if they are eligible for relief given to non-residents with certain special connections with the United Kingdom or to nationals of states in the European Economic Area.

The amount of tax credit is 10/90ths of the cash dividend, the tax credit referable to the first quarter 2015 interim dividend of US$0.47 (30.75p or €0.4195) is US$0.05 (3.42p or €0.0466) per ordinary share and the dividend and tax credit together amount to US$0.52 (34.17p or €0.4661).