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A Doctor’s Resignation Letter by Employment lawyer Keith Clouse

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Dallas physician employment lawyer Keith Clouse assists doctors in making employment moves. He often counsels physicians who wish to leave their current practices. In most situations, a doctor is contractually obligated to submit advance written notice of his intent to leave the practice. When providing this advance notice, a doctor must consider his particular circumstances and the factors at play in his decision.

In some situations, a doctor may write a simple resignation letter herself. A doctor could do this if, for example, she enjoys a good relationship with her employer and is leaving because she plans to move to another state. She should be tactful, express gratitude for the opportunities she has been given, briefly explain why she is resigning, and close by stating that she will fulfill the requirements of her notice period and assist in transitioning a new hire for her position.

On the other hand, if a doctor is leaving because he feels the practice has treated him poorly or because of heated internal issues, the doctor probably needs an employment lawyer to draft his resignation letter. Because the letter would become evidence should litigation ensue, an attorney’s guidance may be needed to ensure that the letter conveys the necessary information and sets the doctor in the best position for litigation.

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