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New York Philanthropist John Wareham Returns to New Zealand

He Will Focus here on violence, drugs—and execs

HASTINGS, HAWKES BAY, NEW ZEALAND, April 4, 2015 / -- After a forty-five year foreign tour of duty mostly in New York, New Zealand's first management consultant has returned to his hometown of Wellington. He was the author of How to Climb the Money Tree, the nation's first expose of business approaches and techniques that are now taken for granted.

A Victoria University commerce graduate, Mr Wareham went on to author several more business bestsellers, including Wareham's Basic Business Types, the earliest codification of the sociopathic mindset within the rungs of top management.

Mr Wareham founded in Wellington a leadership selection and development firm that swiftly became the nation's market leader.. He then proceeded to establish a glitzy branch office in Sydney, at the then most modish commercial address in the Antipodes, Australia Square.

He later claimed though, that the Australian way-station was a mistake, and counseled New Zealand businesses to bypass the Australian half way house, and directly seek the mother lode in the United States—which he now proceeded to do.

He established his executive search company in the heart of Manhattan, specializing in uppermost levels of the airline, cruise line, and telecom sectors.

It was now that Mr Wareham's career took a new turn, that of philanthropy—"the altruistic selfless donations time, talent, intellect and effort to needy persons," by his definition

An early foray into prison visiting turned into a long-term volunteer role. His masterclass was "How to Break Out of Prison" and conducted for the benefit of inmates of the world's largest penal colony, New York's Rikers Island prison.

His class effectively deployed for the public good the advocacy techniques he had first mastered as a Victoria University debating laureate and the psychological techniques he had applied for so long in the mercantilist sphere. For a decade he taught at New York maximum security prisons, to classes exclusively composed of murderers.

Mr. Wareham further extended his career, becoming a man of letters with two novels and two poetry anthologies, one of which was nominated for a Pulitzer prize.

In common with other New Zealanders who have found recognition and success in the northern hemisphere, Mr Wareham in recent years has returned to his native land to make his experiences available to New Zealanders.

In Mr Wareham's case his cause is to extend his applied redemptive philanthropy into what he perceives as troubled areas of New Zealand society.

This has taken the form of a focus on New Zealand's enduringly troublesome warring Black Power and Mongrel Mob gangs and the dual threat they pose for society.

The message caught hold most recently in Taradale at a weekend retreat for gang leaders, who created "The Otatara Accord", a renunciation of violence toward each other, and society at large, and a collective repudiation of drugs.

Written by Peter Isaac MSCNewsWire's Industrial Analyst

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