Russian Actress Yana GoodDay Slated to Star in Upcoming Television Series 'Brighton'

Yana GoodDay shot by Bernie Walls

Russian actress, television host and model Yana GoodDay will play the role of Katya in the series "Brighton" to be shot later this year.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 13, 2015 / -- Actress Yana GoodDay will play the starring role of Katya in the upcoming half-hour scripted comedy series "Brighton," which is set to begin shooting later this year.

Set in the southernmost part of Brooklyn between present-day Coney Island and Manhattan Beach in an area known as "Little Russia by the Sea" or "Little Odessa," the series "Brighton" will offer viewers a unique and comedic look at Russian life in America through its diverse characters, who individually approach cultural integration from vastly different perspectives.

"Brighton" producer Richard D'Alessio says, "Yana is the perfect fit for the role of Kate, she speaks fluent English and native Russian, has great comedy acting skills and a catchy modern look that will attract young and middle age audiences. She definitely adds a great value to our cast ensemble and will make the Katya character organic and truly remarkable."

The daughter of Olga and Misha, GoodDay's character was named Katya at birth, but being the most eager of the bunch to assimilate to American culture, she goes by Kate instead.

About her character, GoodDay says, "[Kate] is a true American girl who is addicted to TMZ and consumerism. She works in Manhattan as an immigration paralegal and is trying to persuade her parents to finally leave their Russian illusion behind and adapt to the American lifestyle."

The family moves to Brighton Beach, New York where Olga and Misha become co-owners of a local grocery store after fleeing the Soviet Union in hopes of forming a better life in America in 1983.

Similar to the way Samantha Shokin describes Brighton Beach in an article entitled "My Brighton Beach," GoodDay describes the setting of the show as, "It’s not quite Russia or America, but some confused amalgam of everything in between a refusenik Disneyland with bygone Soviet tropes thrown in for good measure."

While Kate finds it relatively easy to adapt to her new life in America, her father Misha remains a steadfast Soviet "enthusiast" continually coming up with harebrained ideas of how to make the family business more successful, which in the end cause more harm than good; and her brother Vova adopts a Mafioso persona walking the streets decked out in gold chains, but without any real affiliations with the Russian mafia, Vova finds himself in a series of sticky situations that require his mother Olga to come to the rescue.

Similar to Golden Globe nominated actress Kate Mulgrew's character Galina 'Red' Reznikov in the hit television series "Orange Is the New Black," Olga is undoubtedly the glue that keeps the family together in "Brighton."

Ruling the clan with an iron fist, Olga is forced to engage in many shady deals and relationships with unsavory characters in order to keep the family and their grocery business afloat.

The cast of "Brighton" offers up a broad-spectrum of quirky characters; and, with all of the characters dealing with the process of assimilation in a different way, it won't be difficult for audience members who have personally immigrated to the U.S. to find at least one to relate to.

"I'd like to ruin the myth that immigrants stay strangers in new countries. I'd like to show that anyone can adapt to a new lifestyle and a new country if the person really likes the new place and respects the new rules and mentality," explains GoodDay. "Every viewer of any age can find a character that he or she will love… everyone at least once in their life has been new somewhere (school, city, country etc.), so in the show everyone will be able to find something to relate to."

Yana GoodDay's unquestionable beauty and strong presence on camera has helped her amass an impressive list of credits as a model, actress and television host. Her career sparked in 1999 when she won the Miss Russian Radio beauty contest, an accomplishment that led her to host the radio show "Formula of Luck" and later the state lotto television show "Gosloto," and " Bingo-Boom Lottery."

As an actress GoodDay has starred in an impressive list of television shows including "Kid's in the Cage," "The Fortune Teller," and "Sled," as well as the film "Waiting," which she also co-wrote and produced.

Aside from being gorgeous and astonishingly talented, GoodDay is also incredibly intelligent. Originally born in Pyatigorsk in the Southern region of Kavkaz, Russia, GoodDay moved to Moscow at 16 where she obtained an official state-approved diploma of philosophy at Moscow's State Academic University of Humanities (GAUGN). She went on to attend Moscow Institute of Radio and Television Ostankino (MITRO) where she received a specialty diploma in TV Hosting, Reporting and Acting.

Over the course of her career to date Yana GoodDay has accomplished more in multiple fields in the entertainment industry than most can accomplish in their entire lives, and she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

With an impressive reputation for greatness already under her belt, and her exciting role in the upcoming series "Brighton," audiences across the world can be assured that they will be seeing a whole lot more of GoodDay for years to come.

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