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Republicans Control Congress . . . But That’s No Longer Enough

The great body of us instinctively knows that Liberty is about the freedom of choice, but what we do not realize is how our Liberty is eroded by the uncontrolled growth of government.
— Robert & Megan Zwerling
IRVINE, CALIF., USA, February 4, 2015 / -- On January 6, 2015 the Republican Party formally took control of the House of Representatives and Senate. But this is not enough. Whether of Democratic or Republican Party affiliation, the objective both parties habitually seek to gain is the ultimate political prize – control of the House, Senate and Presidential branches of government. It’s the “Super Bowl” of political victory. In fact, Americans are now told by the parties and media political pundits that effective governing cannot happen until one party has captured those branches. However, it is instructive to note that all forms of dictatorships have the same goal – to consolidate power in one man or party.

The Constitution was specifically designed with the House, Senate, President and Judiciary to be equal and with separate powers with the express purpose to prevent power from consolidating in one man or one branch. So parties, that can consolidate power, work against the very design that the framers crafted. A government that “needs” to be controlled by a singular political group enables the will of the party to supplant the will of the nation. For example, the Affordable Care Act was just such legislation and its passage trampled on American liberty to make our own healthcare decisions.

As father and daughter authors Robert and Megan Zwerling write in the book "Vigilance: The Price of Liberty," “The great body of us instinctively knows that Liberty is about the freedom of choice, but what we do not realize is how our Liberty is eroded by the uncontrolled growth of government. We do not understand that our prosperity and Liberty are intertwined; we do not comprehend that we cannot control our future unless we have Liberty.” Power vested in a single party is a threat to liberty if one party retains that power for too long.

“Vigilance: The Price of Liberty” is an eye-opening look at the concept of liberty and how it is tied to the nation’s prosperity. The authors fervently believe that unless Americans become vigilant, know the constitution, and demand a well-managed government, then the American dream will die with the next generation. This book guides the reader through a working knowledge of the constitution, analyzes the social and economic problems that stem from political corruption, and provides seven solutions to save America.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Robert J. Zwerling is a high-tech business executive, who founded several software companies in sectors such as telecommunications and manufacturing. His travels across the globe helped him to develop a keen understanding of the unique role of America and American liberty to produce prosperity. His concern about the destruction of liberty from partisan politics and the media that take sides prompted him to find solutions in the pages of American history and the Constitution. The elder Zwerling holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Stony Brook University, and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from CSU Los Angeles.

Megan V. Zwerling currently studies biomedical engineering at the University of South Carolina. She got interested in the nation’s history when she took Advanced Placement U.S. History at Corona del Mar High School in California. The younger Zwerling’s high school senior project about advances in the country’s health care helped her to realize how certain regulations can hinder medical advances, and become a threat to the country’s liberty and the future of her generation.


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