All Season Sweats Promises Superior Sweat Pants Through Kickstarter

All Season Sweats - Premium sweat pant that repels odor and regulates body temperature

All Season Sweats is a new type of sweat pant, stylishly crafted from super-fine merino wool, it is odor resistant and regulates body temperature.

VANCOUVER, CANADA, November 10, 2014 / -- Ever since sweat pants were first introduced around 90 years ago, they have been made from cotton or polyester, typically fitted very loose and baggy. Intended for sport activities and home-comfort, people has since enjoyed the comfort of sweat pants in many situations.

Since its introduction, sweat pants have been built a bad reputation for public use. Being the butt-end of the joke on Seinfeld (1992), labelled as pants that tell the world “I give up. I can't compete in normal society. I'm miserable, so I might as well be comfortable.” This is perhaps attributed to their typical baggy fit, and its nature to absorb sweat and odor.

All Season Sweats – New Stylish Sweat Pants That Naturally Repel Odor and Regulates Body Temperature

All Season Sweats promises to bring more stylish and functional sweat pants, by significantly changing its design and using premium material. This new type of sweat pant claims every inch of its designed is built with functionality and style in mind, made with super-fine merino wool. This timely release is great for the colder seasons coming up.

Recently, a promotional video was released through the company’s Kickstarter campaign – showcasing its prototypes on two athletes in various situations, from working out at the gym, sprinting, playing basketball, football and just how they look casually.

Also showcased in the video were merino wool’s odor repelling and temperature regulating abilities, which highlights how each individual fiber is uniquely scaled to repel odor-causing bacteria. And its temperature regulating abilities were used by Arctic explorers, climbers of Mount Everest and tribesman in the deserts of Egypt.

Introducing Style to Sweat Pants Without Compromising Comfort

On All Season Sweat’s Kickstarter campaign, they claim merino wool is incredibly soft which should be expected of sweat pants. The unexpected is their design showcased in the campaign and promotional video, they are very uniquely shaped and styled unlike traditional sweat pants. It details ribbed ankle cuffs, a tapered fit, drop crotch, outer spine structure, zippered fly, gun metal draw string stoppers and hidden pockets.

Although the video showcases two athletes – the video claim they will be perfect for those who just enjoy wearing sweat pants at home to those who train intensely at the gym. So All Season Sweats is not just an active wear, but can be worn casually as well.

Availability and Price

All Season Sweats will go into production followed by online sales worldwide after their crowd funding campaign ends on As of this writing, they are being sold to backers for $69 - $84 USD. Their retail prices are expected to be $140 a pair. More information can be found on their website.

QUOTE from All Season Sweats Promo Video

“Whether you wear sweats just to feel cozy at home, or headed to the gym for some intense training, our sweats will be perfect for you. Every inch of our design is created with functionality and style in mind, ready for anything life throws at you!”

About All Season Sweats

All Season Sweats is the brainchild of Winson Tam, a 26 year old entrepreneur living in Vancouver, British Columbia. A fitness enthusiast who for the past year taken the idea from concept, through prototyping, testing and manufacturing into working prototypes. The company plans to make the product available for worldwide sales through their website.

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