TSO-FEH® Optics LLC Launches Rapid All Targets Acquisition (RATA®) System

TSO-FEH® Optics LLC Launches Rapid All Targets Acquisition (RATA®), Revolutionary System for Target Acquisition and Tracking.

ANNAPOLIS, MD, USA, November 10, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Optics technology company TSO-FEH® Optics LLC today announced the launch of its groundbreaking Rapid All Targets Acquisition (RATA®) product that will allow users to locate and track magnified objects easier, quicker and with a higher degree of accuracy. The RATA® system includes a zero magnification, red dot optic tube attachment for use with any magnification device to provide previously unavailable target acquisition technology for use in fields such as military, law enforcement, search and rescue, hunting, photography, large venue event viewing or nature hobbyists.

RATA® eliminates the image-spotting challenges users experience with standard magnification devices alone, including target acquisition issues as well as maintaining an object in the magnified field of view. These challenges are intensified if there are no points of reference in the field of view, if the terrain is homogeneous or the target is moving. RATA® pairs a zero magnification red dot optic tube/reflex-sight with any user supplied magnification device to provide the brain an artificial point of reference it can use to locate the target rapidly. The brain’s ability to process two different images simultaneously allows the user to have a point of reference for location via RATA® and magnification of the image via the high power optic device. RATA® is a simple system which includes the red dot scope and an easy to use attachment system that comes ready to use and can easily be fixed to most spotting scopes, rifle scopes and DSLR cameras.

The magnitude of the importance of this technology is immense. The technology changes how users locate and track targets which can be extremely important in cases where quick action is necessary such as tactical military, law enforcement or search and rescue operations. Yoachim Russ, creator of the technology and CEO and founder of TSO-FEH® Optics LLC has demonstrated the technology for various users and is consistently amazed at the reaction, “Every time a new user tries out RATA® they are blown away. They cannot believe that this simple device can make such a difference in their work or hobby. It is gratifying to offer technology that could one day be life-saving for someone.”

About TSO-FEH® Optics LLC
TSO-FEH® Optics LLC based in Annapolis, MD is an optics technology company specializing in customized optics solutions. Yoachim Russ, CEO and founder of the company, has an extensive background in all aspects of optics design. He also has first-hand knowledge of optics requirements and their use in military, law enforcement and consumer hobbyist applications. RATA® can be found on the web at www.ratascopes.com.

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