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2015 Outlook from the Investment Institute: WORLD TO SURPASS (LOW) EXPECTATIONS IN 2015

US, Emerging Economies Poised to Outperform – US’s Prospects Hinge on Bridging “Fiscal Cliff”

DOWNTOWN CORE, SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, November 10, 2014 / -- US, Emerging Economies Poised to Outperform – US’s Prospects Hinge on Bridging “Fiscal Cliff”
Policy Remains Key Driver of Markets, Asset Values; If US Fed Changes Tack, “Vast Store" of Cash Could Empty into Equities
Eurozone Could Beat (Very Low) Expectations for Growth by "Spreading the Pain" of Fiscal Tightening

Prospects are improving for a positive albeit gradual turn next year in global economic and investment conditions, according to the Brandt-Swift Associates Investment Institute’s 2015 investment outlook, released today and entitled: “Slow Turn Ahead?”
Investors need to keep a close eye on the impact of government policy – first and foremost, the urgent effort to avoid the looming “fiscal cliff” in the US, which will drive the direction of both the US and global economies in 2015, according to the Brandt-Swift Associates Investment Institute.
“Our big questions for 2015 are whether the wave of ultra-loose monetary policies and quantitative easing has crested and if private sector credit can stage a modest recovery,” said Cheung Tian, Global Head of Research for Brandt-Swift Associates. “Trillions of dollars in monetary stimulus and record low interest rates have failed to spur much credit growth and economic activity so far. But what if this changes?”
On the Pacific Rim, Japan is unlikely to tighten further and may loosen monetary policy under a new political and central bank leadership. China is emerging from policy induced growth deceleration and a political handover, yet still faces long-term challenges, including shifting to a consumption society from an investment-driven command economy. “Change will come slowly but surely,” Cheung says. “The new leadership is in place for a decade – and does not need to worry about re-election.”
The Outlook is available for clients only upon request.

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