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Like the Kangaroo, so is CCEDK always moving forward progressively! The Kangaroo takes big jumps, so does CCEDK in terms of development!

Ronny Boesing, CEO CCEDK ApS - The Sky is The Limit! I believe in Trust, Tolerance & Flexibility.

Congrats! - NXT to BTC with an edge of value!

Bitcoin Exchange CCEDK ApS and the Bitcoin casino Fun-Casino launches - The first online altcoins-to-BTC payment terminal.

CCPAYT is not only an easy way to transfer crypto-to-BTC, you might actually make some money on this! A special bonus is embedded in every conversion, making each payment a nice buy!
— Ronny Boesing
BLOKHUS, JAMMERBUGT, DENMARK, October 24, 2014 / -- In cooperation with Danish Bitcoin exchange CCEDK ApS and the Bitcoin casino Fun-Casino as its main sponsors, is launching the first online altcoins-to-BTC payment terminal. Users can exchange their crypto coins for BTC and top up their accounts with BTC in a few easy steps – and the service will soon convert to NXT too!

With a big interest in the future use of CCPAYT, Ronny Boesing, CEO of the Danish Exchange CCEDK, has agreed to offer this interview presenting what he thinks could be a major success in the crypto industry due to its ease of use and facilitation of anonymous transactions into a secure cold wallet.

“ will begin its activities by offering the users of Fun-Casino this week, and the users of CCEDK next week, an easy and quick way to top up their user accounts, and provides a solution to a common problem: how do I quickly convert cryptocurrency into bitcoins?” says entrepreneur Boesing. “It furthermore provides accuracy and ease of use, eliminating the need to visit multiple sites to have your favorite cryptocurrencies changed to bitcoins.”

CCPAYT: a great tool for both merchants as well as individual users – immediately supported by 12 crypto currencies – is designed as an accessible payment terminal to be used by anyone who has previously registered at the Bitcoin casino – and from next week the Bitcoin exchange as well. CCPAYT is intended for any Bitcoin-related exchanges, casinos, game retailers, adult sites, mobile operators or similar who have an interest in offering their members alternative ways to top up their account with Bitcoins.

A further three Bitcoin merchant sites will be adding CCPAYT this week, including and, and many more are expected shortly due to the exciting opportunities offered by such an easy and instant conversion of crypto to Bitcoin at spot prices.

NXT integration (

Additionally, Boesing will be integrating automatic NXT conversions into his platform in the coming fortnight. This will enable its use for the new Melodius project: a decentralised marketplace intended for independent musicians to showcase and sell their work, without the punitive commission fees of the existing music stores. (Prior to his time at the helm of a crypto exchange, CCEDK’s CEO travelled the world distributing and selling music for the big labels, so knows the challenges faced by indie artists.) It will also enable a far greater number of users to use the new neoDICE app, currently approaching beta. NeoDICE is based on the incredibly popular Bitcoin game SatoshiDice, which fell from favour when it began requiring confirmations – thereby hugely slowing gameplay. NXT’s developers have found a way to circumvent this problem and are releasing a new version of the legendary game.

How does CCPAYT work? allows instant conversion of 11 of the most commonly used cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin in just a few easy steps.

1. Choose the currency you wish to exchange
2. Enter the amount
3. Choose where to send the top-up (which service provider)
4. The amount is then calculated automatically
5. Finally, you enter your e-mail address at service provider, and press «Continue»

Once you confirm that amount exchanged is what you expect it to be, you are able to click to send it off to your internal wallet and user account on either or Other destinations will, of course, be added as other merchants start making use of this wonderful new tool!

It can sometimes be a difficult task to figure out the various cryptocurrency conversions, especially when customers need to convert odd amounts to Bitcoin – say 268 PPC to BTC. There are plenty of tools out there to help you make the correct conversion eventually, but CCPAYT is one of the first cryptocurrency converters to do the job directly and automatically.

Reasons to use CCPAYT

1. Very straightforward
2. Instant conversion and transfer
3. Anonymous
4. Exact conversion on the base of calculations from actual trading information, which CCPAYT gets from Cryptocoincharts and their APIs, which are connected to 63 exchanges and their daily trading volumes, plus bid and ask prices.

Who can use CCPAYT? is an online instant payment exchange platform, and is available to anyone!

Merchants who want to offer their customers the ability to convert any of the 11 supported cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin.

Users with a registered account at either CCEDK or Fun-Casino (and, in the future, any other merchant that becomes a partner with CCPAYT). It is free to sign up at both CCEDK and Fun-Casino, where you are also able to take part in a referral program offering a stunning 80% of revenue to all affiliate members.

What cryptocurrencies does CCPAYT support? supports the exchange to Bitcoin of 11 cryptocurrencies offered on CCEDK exchange: Litecoin (LTC), Peercoin (PPC), Nextcoin (NXT), Blackcoin (BC), Nubits (NBT), Darkcoin (NRK), Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitmark (BTM), BitsharesX (BTSX), Reddcoin (RDD) and Fimkrypto (FIMK).

Why are CCEDK and Fun-casino initial partners of CCPAYT in this venture?

The initial idea of partnering with CCEDK and Fun-casino was to offer this crypto-to-Bitcoin option to users with a potential need for Bitcoins, whether for investment or gaming purposes, buying products on the internet with Bitcoins, or simply paying bills with BTC wherever that is possible.

“At CCEDK we consider CCPAYT an incredible opportunity to offer not only instant top-up via some of the 11 most in-demand cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin,” says Boesing, “but also the chance of making use of this incoming amount of cryptocurrencies to create an immediate sell wall on the exchange, thus creating a demand from present as well as future users of CCEDK exchange.”

When it comes to Fun-Casino there is an obvious need for Bitcoins, since playing is Bitcoin-based. Giving owners of these 11 supported cryptocurrencies the possibility of making an instant top-up to any pre-registered user account gives access to an ever-increasing number of people wishing to enjoy the entertainment a platform like Fun-Casino offers, whether that means Texas Hold’em poker, European Roulette, Book of Pyramids slot machine or any of the many other games available either for fun with play money or for real with Bitcoins.

About CCEDK APS: is an online Bitcoin exchange based in Denmark, part of the EU. CCEDK offers buy and sell options for digital currencies in a secure environment on the base of 2FA. They offer anonymous trading of some 85+ crypto pairs based on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Nextcoin, Nubits, Dogecoin, Bitmark, Blackcoin, Darkcoin, Reddcoin, Fimkrypto and BitsharesX, and 50+ Fiat pairs with validation. Payment options are SEPA, instant payment with SKRILL DIRECT in EUR, SWIFT in USD, EUR a.m., and Payeer deposits and withdrawals in USD, EUR, RUR and UAH.

About Fun-casino: is an online bitcoin casino offering anonymous playing of poker, roulette and slot machines. Fun Casino promises online gamblers from all over the world guaranteed enjoyment, entertainment and excitement. Launched in April 2014, this new Bitcoin casino arrived at the online betting party armed with the finest set of gambling features and services, fully prepared to bring fun to everyone who desires it. Fun-Casino offers reliable Bitcoin casino software, a range of the best Bitcoin casino games, lucrative deposit bonus deals, efficient deposits and withdrawals, and guaranteed security. A full review is available at best bitcoin casino! is actively embedded in this article, so what are you waiting for?

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