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Free Content Updates in The Sims 4 Starting…Now! Also, Gnomes.

Its hard to believe its been a month since we launched The Sims 4, but in that short time weve received a ton of great feedback as youve started exploring the game. Weve designed The Sims 4 to be a live service, so we can continually evolve the experience, add new content, and incorporate as much of your feedback as possible.Thats what Im here to talk about today.

So lets get to it. Live RIGHT NOW is the first of three major game updates coming to The Sims 4 over the next three months, each with new features, new content and more. The updates will be FREE for everyone playing The Sims 4 who downloads the latest patch, and yes, there will be pools!

First, a rundown on the October update:

  • October brings the spoooooky addition of Ghosts to The Sims 4. Your dead Sims can now rejoin the world of the living, where they maintain all the attributes they had a as a Sim, but with special new behaviors based on how they died. Invite them to join your Sims household and they can be playable characters; if you dare, you might even find a way to bring your ghosts back to life.
  • Did you feel that disturbance in The Force? It was probably our new Star Wars Costume Set. Outfit your Sims in Luke Skywalkers X-wing pilot suit, Leias white robes and awesome cinnamon buns, Darth Vaders suit and, yes, even Yoda. I mean, who out there hasnt dressed as Yoda for Halloween, right? Now you can in The Sims 4, too!

  • Community requests like new eye colors are in there, too. I have personally just given all my Sims purple eyes. Because I can. Weve also fixed a few minor bugs as well.

Theres so much more planned for The Sims 4. Free content updates in November and December are already planned out. Want to know all the details? Read the full recap over at The Sims site.

Happy Simming!

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