Harvard Mogul, Jeffrey Epstein, Boosts Science Education In the US Virgin Islands

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Renowned science and Harvard investor funds a huge STEM Science Fair in the US Virgin Islands.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 11, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The largest science fair in the US Virgin Islands received a huge boost from the Southern Trust Company, Inc. which is owned by renowned science and Harvard investor and local resident, Jeffrey Epstein. The fair, called the St. Thomas-St. John STEM Fair, was organized by the Virgin Islands Department of Education and brought together hundreds of grade school students from across the islands, to showcase their science work for awards at the University of the Virgin Islands Sports and Fitness Center.

STEM stands for Science, Math, Engineering and Technology, and the Southern Trust Company under the umbrella of the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, which supports youth organizations throughout the USVI, played a key role in sponsoring the event. Specifically, the foundation supplied more than a hundred Microsoft Surface 2 computers, Touch keyboards and Nylon Sleeves for Microsoft Surface. The foundation also provided funds to host the STEM Fair, and travel and accommodations funds for the winners and chaperones to attend the STEM summer camps.

“The STEM fairs are not just about awarding students for their impressive work,” Jeffrey Epstein commented. “They offer an exciting and needed incentive for students across the Virgin Islands to participate in science projects at school and at home.”

The caliber of the 165 projects at the STEM fair were astounding. One 11 year old prize winner, Ricky James Jr., showed how to power a calculator with a penny instead of batteries. Other projects included a solar powered speed boat and a juicer made from a garbage door motor and recycled dishwasher parts.

The top scorers in each category were given a trophy, a STEM plaque, certificate and an iPad. Categories ranged from science research, demonstrations, math real world problem investigations, math real world models, music technology and software programming.

Based in the St. Thomas, the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation plays an key role in supporting the Virgin Islands Department of Education and youth organizations in the USVI. The foundation also supports cutting edge science research in the United States and established the Program of Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard University.

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