'My Rio Travel Guide' Introduces Travelers to the Splendors of Rio de Janeiro

The just officially released “My Rio Travel Guide” from Madson Araujo, a local tour guide, is a comprehensive guidebook to the sites, sounds and sizzle of Rio.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL, June 13, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The 112-page book is designed to offer “everything a traveler needs to know about visiting Rio de Janeiro,” from safe travel to the best hotels, from bike tours to outdoor recreation and more. The up-to-date Rio de Janeiro travel guide ebook can now be downloaded online.

“Rio de Janeiro is a city unlike any other in the world, which is why anyone who visits this vibrant city will fall in love with everything they see and experience here,” said Araujo. “After serving as a tour guide for 10 years, I wanted to share the best and brightest of my favorite city, including hot spots, unique cultural spots and sites, amazing restaurants and great self-guided tours.”

A resident of Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, which is located near the places and services Araujo reviews, he spent an entire year compiling his tips and recommendations for “My Rio Travel Guide.”

“When I’m giving tours, visitors always want to know about the best local restaurants, where to see a fun samba show and what little-known attractions to visit. This new guidebook contains all of this information and more and I will continually update it to offer the latest and greatest on everything Rio,” Araujo added.

“My Rio Travel Guide” can be downloaded at http://www.myriotravelguide.com/travel-guide-to-rio-de-janeiro/

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About the Author
Working as a private tour guide since 2004, Madson Araujo has guided more 4,500 visitors to Rio de Janeiro, including solo travelers, couples, families and small groups of friends. He has travelled to more than 25 countries and has lived in Venezuela, France, Italy, Denmark and Sweden. Araujo has also been featured on BBC Radio, Lonely Planet, National Geographic, France 3 (French National TV), and Thai TBS (Thai National TV).

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