Ben Ganje Says End of New Construction Moratorium Is Right Move For Minneapolis Real Estate Market

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, April 4, 2014 / -- Ben Ganje + Partners, a Minneapolis real estate team specializing in the Downtown and Minneapolis Lakes area, says that the City Council's scheduled end of the teardown and new construction moratorium is a win-win for homeowners, the City, and the local real estate market.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - Ben Ganje + Partners, a real estate team that specializes in Downtown Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Lakes area, is saying that the teardown and new construction moratorium originally imposed on March 7 will likely end on April 11, allowing owners once again the ability to make important improvements to their properties.

According to Ben Ganje, the move is the right one, encouraging private investment with the goal of improving property values.

"Reports about the ongoing battle within the city of Minneapolis between the status quo and pro-growth leadership are overplayed, in my opinion. Yes, there is a legitimate role for city government to play in enforcing rules about construction hours, noise, and debris," he says, "but ultimately, property owners should have the right to improve their property value if they wish," Ganje says.

He says teardowns and new construction leads to a more diverse environment, something Minneapolis prides itself on.

"One thing that makes the Minneapolis real estate market so exciting to me personally is the diverse environment. In the Downtown and Minneapolis Lakes area, we have condos, lofts, apartments, office buildings, and retail space right next to each other," he says.

According to Ganje, suburban homeowners can manage the character of their neighborhoods through the local planning process and still have their concerns about compliance with local ordinances addressed. But he says the decision whether to tear an existing home down and build a new one should stay with the property owner.

Ganje says Southwest Minneapolis can learn from the experience of Edina, which has found a balance between the status quo and growth.

"Property values of Edina homes have grown steadily as homeowners saw increased property values as an incentive to improve their properties," he says.

Ganje believes that lifting the moratorium on teardowns and new construction is a win-win for homeowners, the City, and the local economy in general.

"A rising tide lifts all boats, as the saying goes. As communities get newer homes in the neighborhood, everyone's property values stand to benefit from it," he says. "Builders get to hire more people, local businesses benefit as those employees spend money, and the City gets a higher property tax base out of it."

"I truly believe everyone loses when we stifle the rights of individuals to build something new on their own property. Lifting the Minneapolis new construction moratorium is the right thing to do," Ganje says.

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