MMI Works To Reduce Stigma Of Marijuana For Medical Purposes In Illinois

What the MMI can’t change is the process for the background checks but what MMI hopes to do, is bring compassion and sympathy to the medical marijuana patient community.
— Medical Marijuana Institute
CHICAGO, IL, USA, April 4, 2014 / -- While Illinois medical marijuana laws allow use of the drug for medicinal purposes, patients who rely on medicinal marijuana in Illinois face stigma. The Medical Marijuana Institute is working to change that through advocacy and education.

CHICAGO, IL - The use of marijuana for medical purposes in Illinois is a legal and growing alternative to traditional medicines. Yet, for all of its benefits and the help it provides to marijuana patients, there is a stigma associated with its usage that many patients are unable to overcome on their own. This is where the Medical Marijuana Institute (MMI) comes in. MMI is working hard to foster a community for those seeking advice about medicinal marijuana in Illinois.

"A lot of patients feel like criminals because of the background checks and fingerprints required by the law. What the MMI can’t change is the process for the background checks but what MMI hopes to do, is bring compassion and sympathy to the medical marijuana patient community," said Silvia Orizaba, Founder of Medical Marijuana Institute and Medical Marijuana Educator-Consultant (

One way MMI is working to support this community is by providing training and resources for both patients and entrepreneurs about navigating Illinois Medical Marijuana laws. The Institute has developed a guide to medical cannabis that provides basic education about medical cannabis and raises awareness of the benefits of medicating with cannabis.

Through the curriculum, participants will learn:
• The history of cannabis
• Properties of cannabis versus industrial hemp
• Medicinal benefits of cannabis
• Methods of medicating with cannabis
• Details of the Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act
• Proposed Illinois rules and regulations for the use of medical cannabis
• Overview of federal laws related to cannabis
• Tips for getting involved in medical cannabis advocacy

"We support the patients and will work alongside them to ensure that they are educated about marijuana for medical use. That is really what this curriculum is about. There are a lot of questions about the laws from both patients and providers and we want to clear that up. Patients should be able to take advantage of this law and get some relief from their medical condition, but many of them are just too scared to do it and providers don't know how to legally navigate the supply and distribution of the drug," said Orizaba.

The MMI's training programs are designed to:

• Provide compliance information and encourage best business practices.
• Offer the most up-to-date medical research and information regarding the growth and distribution of medical marijuana.
• Keep patients aware of how to obtain and fund medical marijuana prescriptions and determine the medical conditions on which the medicine works best.
• Form relationships within the health community to ensure individuals and businesses are safely and legally dispensing the medicine.

To learn more about The Medical Marijuana Institute and how the organization is working to address the challenges of marijuana use for medicinal purposes in Illinois, visit their website at:

About Medical Marijuana Institute: Founded in 2013, the Medical Marijuana Institute is an Illinois-based company developed to provide clear, comprehensive information on how to participate in the medical marijuana industry in Illinois. MMI believes that medical marijuana has significant therapeutic benefits for many medical conditions. It is the community mission of MMI to educate, advocate for, and support the medical marijuana industry.

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