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Upper East Side Pediatric Dentist Offers Advice on How to Make Dental Visits Less Stressful for Children

Leading pediatric dentist, Dr. Barry L. Jacobson, says that there are a number of ways to alleviate a child’s fear of dental visits.

We need to instill a feeling of excitement when going to the dentist.
— Dr. Barry Jacobson DMD, FAAPD
NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2014 / -- According to Dr. Barry L. Jacobson, DMD, FAAPD, (, a New York pediatric dentist who is currently accepting new patients at his office at 949 Park Avenue, in Manhattan, anxiety or fear associated with dental visits is not uncommon, particularly among children who don’t visit the dentist as regularly as they should.

“Those of us who practice pediatric dentistry always try to impress upon parents that it is crucial that they get their children on an early start at good oral care,” says Dr. Barry Jacobson. “By starting at twelve months and regularly visiting the dentist every six months, we can not only ensure that the child maintains a healthy mouth, but we can reduce the chance of anxiety and fear as the child grows.”

However, Dr. Barry Jacobson says that, regardless of whether the child sees a dentist regularly or not, whether he or she is switching dentists, or even seeing the dentist for the first time, fear of the dentist can be very real. Thankfully, he says, there are a number of ways to alleviate those fears and offers up the following tips:

1. Let them ask questions. It is important to let the child ask questions about the dentist and Dr. Barry Jacobson encourages parents to give their child that freedom. If they are worried about an upcoming visit, he suggests letting them ask questions, which the parent can write down and bring to the dental visit. It is important, he says, to let the child have a chance at personally posing their questions to the dentist.

2. Talk to them about the dentist. According to Dr. Barry Jacobson, the best way to alleviate fear of the dentist is to talk openly with the child about what they can expect to happen at their next dental visit. If possible, describe how the pediatric dentist will clean their teeth and check for cavities. Explaining procedures to the child in advance of their visit, according to Dr. Jacobson, can help to ease their mind and help them feel more comfortable during their appointment. Make sure you do not bring up your own dental experiences since today's dentistry is light years better and more comfortable than ever before.

3. Talk to the dentist. If your child is nervous about the visit, it is important to let the dentist know. According to Dr. Barry Jacobson, this is important because, while some children may be nervous, others may have difficulty sitting still, or sensitivities to lights and sounds. By talking to the dentist about these concerns in advance of the visit, they can better accommodate the needs of your child.

4. Keep them entertained. We need to instill a feeling of excitement when going to the dentist, Dr. Barry Jacobson encourages parents to bring the child's favorite toy to their visit. We also have flat screen TVs on the ceiling above each dental chair, a tablet to play our memory game on our website, and our friendly staff is always there to enhance the experience for the child. These elements combined will help alleviate a child's fear of the dentist and they will look forward to their routine visits.

Dr. Barry Jacobson and his staff have a long history of caring for all types of children, including those with special needs. We are always here to explain our process and make sure the parent is comfortable bringing their child to our office for a dental visit.

For 17 years, Dr. Barry L. Jacobson DMD, FAAPD, has been a leader in pediatric dental care. His practice, located at 949 Park Avenue, New York, NY, offers laser dentistry for children, special needs dentist, cosmetic dentistry for children, preoperative dental care for children, soft tissue procedures, 3D CAD-CAM crown fabrication, porcelain fillings, and treatment of fearful children, with behavior management experts on hand. Call 212-997-6453 (212-99-SMILE) for more information or visit Dr. Jacobson’s website at

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