SPLI - The Vapor Group Announces Major Stock Increase

A Good Bet for Investors: SPLI Stocks Receive Over 100% Price Increase During the Month of March

DAVIE, FL, USA, March 31, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The Vapor Group (OTCQB: SPLI), formerly known as the AvWorks Aviation Corporation, is proving to be a great bet for investors. The company’s stock went up over 100% during the month of March, 2014.

The Vapor Group is the leader in the fast-growing electronic cigarettes industry. The company has developed a proprietary e-liquid formula that makes their electronic cigarettes incredibly popular. Many e-cigarettes are filled with liquids that leave a bad chemical taste in the mouth without providing enough nicotine to truly satisfy the dedicated smoker. They try to address the issue with stronger batteries when the problem is the e-liquid itself.

The Vapor Group’s e-liquid is well received by consumers as an alternative that offers far more satisfaction for the money, making the Vapor Group’s e-cigarette products a viable alternative to disposable cigarettes. The Vapor Group’s e-liquid is an American made product as well, and consumers say that it contains a bold flavor in addition to its purer, more satisfying nicotine derivative.

The Vapor Group’s e-liquid is just one of the "right moves" that SPLI has executed during the past several months. They also recently purchased a controlling interest in a successful online e-cig retailing company. They are also riding the opportunities offered by the legalization of medical marijuana in many states by launching an exclusive product line called American Green, a marijuana vaporizer that helps customers derive the maximum medical benefits from each marijuana dosage.

“SPLI’s future is bright,” says company president Dror Svorai. “Since we’re moving so quickly we’ve also taken the opportunity to have our financials fully audited to ensure that we are standing on the firmest possible foundation. Investors can feel comfortable putting their trust in us as a result: we’re here to stay and we’ll be going strong well into the future.”

The company is managed by a highly experienced executive team, and it shows. Though the Vapor Group is less than a year old it is expected to emerge as a fully profitable company experiencing totally positive cash flow by the time it reaches its 1-year anniversary in a few months. Such an accomplishment is quite uncommon, but it supports the notion that there are big things ahead for this innovative company.


The Vapor Group, Inc. is managed by a highly experienced team of executives committed to responsible business policies and practices, including the marketing of our products only to those eighteen years of age or older, not making or avoiding claims about our product health benefits, and fulfilling the requirements of all applicable laws and regulations.

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