Truth About Student Safety Revealed in 2013 Awareity Report

Awareity 2013 Student Safety Report

37% of students say they are aware of an individual who poses a risk to their school, according to Awareity’s 2013 Student Safety Report.

LINCOLN, NE, USA, March 13, 2014 / -- Thirty-seven percent (37%) of students say they are aware of an individual who poses a risk to their school, according to Awareity’s 2013 Student Safety Report.

The 2013 Report explains why so many incidents and tragedies in schools are not prevented. Students see and hear things most school administrators don’t. Students are talking about concerning behaviors (hurting others, self-harm, suicide, weapons, drugs/alcohol, etc.), but unfortunately this information is not being shared with the right people.

Nearly 4,500 students across the US and Canada participated in online surveys strategically designed to gather current data on student safety challenges.

Over 85% of students are witnessing and/or experiencing bullying at school. When students did report bullying, they said things got better only 15% of the time. And when students were asked why they do not report bullying-related behaviors, 38% said they are scared to make the situation worse and 29% don’t believe reporting will help.

"Students want help and students want to help other students, but too many gaps and silos exist," said Rick Shaw, CEO of Awareity. "This survey provides important insights into why so many students and school officials are struggling with student safety. If school administrators do not take action now, we will continue to see more students becoming disconnected, underachieving or withdrawing from school, resorting to violence or tragically taking matters into their own hands."

The Report includes cost-effective solutions to help school administrators move from reactive mode to proactive prevention mode and significantly improve their school climate by connecting the dots more effectively with students, teachers, staff, parents and community resources.

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