DMS Advertising GPS Tracking Provides Real-Time Verification Of Door Hanger Delivery

Our GPS tracking system brings transparency, honesty, and integrity into the delivery process and helps our clients manage their own campaigns.
— Jed Knedson
CHICAGO, IL, USA, March 4, 2014 / -- DMS Advertising's GPS-enabled tracking system for flyer distribution and delivery provides customers with up-to-the-minute tracking of their door hanger advertising deliveries.

DMS Advertising has an effective and accurate way for their clients to verify the distribution of hand-delivered flyers and door hangers. The company utilizes a satellite-enabled GPS tracking system for door hanger delivery. The system provides 50% better coverage than competitor's cellular-based tracking systems and can be accessed from any Internet browser.

"Our GPS tracking system brings transparency, honesty, and integrity into the delivery process and helps our clients manage their own campaigns. They can actually see the progress of the distribution as it is being done and gauge the completion of delivery. Cellular-based systems are notoriously unreliable since they rely on cell towers for coverage. This results in spotty coverage or sometimes no coverage at all. We don't have any of those limitations with our system because it is satellite-based," said Jed Knedson of DMS Advertising (

DMS' state of the art GPS tracking system utilizes the same equipment that is used by local police departments and the FBI. It is perfect for advertising agencies that want to track the delivery of their door hanger advertising efforts in real-time. The system allows customers to view both the supervisor vehicle, as well as the distributors who are walking on the street doing the delivery. It is more reliable than cellular systems and doesn’t have the glitches or bugs that often come with other tracking devices.

Each distributor wears a unique tracking device while conducting door hanger delivery. Clients receive geo-fence email alerts to inform them of the status of the campaign and can even watch the flyer distribution live via an Internet login.

DMS Advertising works closely with their clients to ensure their advertising dollars are spent wisely. To aid in that goal, the direct marketing company offers extensive demographic targeting services. Demographic targeting helps advertisers limit their promotional materials to the audience most likely to purchase the product or service.

DMS Advertising's Demographic Targeting allows their clients to sort addresses by consumer data selections and use them to develop a targeted door hanger advertising campaign. Users simply select the geographic area they want to target and then choose from over 550 demographic selections to further identify their target audience.

"We want our clients' door-to-door campaigns to be successful and we've found demographic targeting to be a highly effective way to do this. By limiting distribution to the most likely consumers, our clients can save money and increase their business. And our tracking systems let them know the exact status of their campaign at any time so they know when to make follow-up contact with their target audience," noted Knedson.

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About DMS Advertising, Inc.: DMS is a nationwide door to door advertising company that services any major or micro market in the United States. Our turnkey service provides our clients with the ability to print and distribute in targeted areas anywhere in the United States. Our unique approach to each distribution allows us to fully develop campaigns from start to finish. In 2012, DMS distributed door to door in 46 different states and 500 different cities and towns. We are committed to helping our clients create the right campaign that will generate the most exposure, and give them the best opportunity for return on investment.

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