Marsala Law Group Offers Advice for Those Arrested for DWI in Denton TX

Longtime Denton Law Firm Reminds People of Their Rights When They Are Suspected of Violating DWI Laws

DENTON, TX, USA, October 9, 2013 / -- For those who have been arrested for DWI in Denton TX, there isn’t a moment to lose in mounting a capable defense. If one has been arrested, there are protocols to follow that Marsala Law Group, a Denton law firm serving the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex, believes are necessary to know.

For starters, one should always be polite and courteous when stopped by an officer. Taking an unnecessarily provocative stance can lead to such charges as resisting arrest – which do not help those accused when it comes time to stand against those charges in a court of law.

Likely, when arrested for DWI and DUI, there will be roadside cognitive tests. These may include saying the alphabet in reverse order or walking in a straight line for a certain distance. Those who have not been drinking may choose to perform those tests, as that may reassure the law enforcement officer that they are not drinking. Those who have been drinking, conversely, should be advised that it is within their Constitutional rights to refuse the test – and the self-incrimination they would entail.

Those who do not pass, or who refuse roadside tests, will be subject to a test of their blood alcohol level. This can be a blood test, or a breathalyzer test, depending on a variety of factors. Marsala Law Group advises that people not take these tests unless they are confident that their blood alcohol level falls below the threshold for DWI.

Those who face legal situations, including DWI charges in Denton, are urged to contact Marsala Law Group for an energetic and informed defense.

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