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Severance Agreement Negotiation: Who Should Do the Talking?

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Many executives work pursuant to employment agreements that detail what happens when the employment relationship terminates. But, circumstances could require the parties to deviate from those terms. An executive facing that situation may turn to employment law counsel for help negotiating an exit package. But, the executive may wonder who should do the actual talking—the executive or the lawyer. The answer depends on a few factors.

Sometimes, an executive prefers to negotiate a deal himself; he meets with an employment lawyer before the negotiation to make a list of talking points and to receive other tips. This approach is less expensive and less confrontational. It works best if the executive has a solid relationship with the person negotiating on the employer’s behalf and if the negotiation hinges more on personal relationships and professional goodwill than on legal concerns.

In other cases, the employment lawyer takes over entirely. This approach may be best when the negotiation hinges on legal issues. This approach is also appropriate when emotions are high or when previous negotiation attempts have failed. An employment lawyer can put aside bad feelings and focus on achieving a resolution.

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