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Irexis natural male enhancement pills are formulated with natural herbs and extracts to help encourage and boost testosterone.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 24, 2013 / -- A university of California at San Diego study of 800 men found that men with low testosterone had a 33 percent greater risk of death over their next 18 years of life compared with men who had higher testosterone levels. Symptoms of low testosterone may include hot flashes, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and physiological changes such as loss of strength, decrease in bone density and decreased muscle mass. Having low testosterone may also increase a man’s risk of prostate cancer, heart disease, and even death.

Lab88 the marketers for Irexis male enhancement pills offers these tips to support a boost to T-levels and help promote male longevity:

1. Trim the Waistline
Men with low testosterone are more likely to have a larger waistline. Overweight men are also more prone to a higher risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well.

2. Minimize Stress
Physical or emotional stress can depress T levels by causing cortisol to surge. Cortisol has many functions; helps the body use sugar/glucose and fat for energy/metabolism, and helps the body manage stress. Cortisol and testosterone are both hormones produced by the adrenal glands. Cortisol is increased and released into the body during stress; forcing a reduced output in testosterone. High cortisol levels can halt sperm release and testosterone production adversely affecting sexual desire, ejaculation, mood and other bodily functions dependent upon testosterone. Typically, both cortisol and testosterone levels return to normal once the stressor has passed, yet with continued stress low testosterone levels may continue, to the detriment of male health.

3. Lift Weights
Researchers have found that after exercise, testosterone levels rise, but exercise must become a habit in order to reap the benefits. Overweight men should exercise to help improve testosterone levels by helping to shed weight. Researchers also observed that strength-training workouts may have a bigger effect on testosterone in the evening. After a few weeks, the body gets used to the workout yielding a lower hormone response from the same workout so boost testosterone by using more muscles; a full-body workout is more beneficial than doing one exercise; lift heavier weights rather than doing many reps at a lighter weight; take shorter rest periods during the workout; and lastly don’t overdo it. Overtraining may cause the opposite effect.

4. Fill Up On Fish and Nuts
Eliminating all fat in your diet can cause testosterone levels to plunge. To protect the heart and preserve testosterone, eat foods high in monounsaturated fats, such as fish and nuts.

5. Limit Alcohol
Recent studies have shown that men who drank moderate amounts of alcohol daily for 3 weeks experienced a 7 percent decrease in their testosterone levels. Limit drinking to one or two glasses of beer or wine a night to avoid a dive in testosterone.

6. Take a Natural Male Enhancement Pill
Natural male enhancement pills are formulated with natural herbs, extracts and amino-acids such as L-arginine to help encourage and boost testosterone. In addition to promoting t-levels natural male enhancement pills are intended to enhance libido, and sexual function.
Irexis male enhancement pill is formulated with a variety of natural herbs and extracts that have been shown to help promote and enhance healthy testosterone production.

• American ginseng is used to counteract the effects of stress
• Muira puama is widely used in the Amazon region of South America as an aphrodisiac. Based on clinical reports documenting the libido and energy enhancing effects of muira puama, it is possible that this herb favorably alters the hormone balance in aging men, i.e. increasing free testosterone.
• Pumpkin seed commonly used to strengthen the prostate gland and promote male hormone function.
• Tribulus terrestris is thought to increase luteinizing hormone levels, which can promote higher testosterone production

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Irexis male enhancement pill is formulated with a variety of natural herbs and extracts that have been shown to help promote and enhance healthy testosterone production.

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