NinjaStik Introduces a USB Device to Restore Online Privacy, Security & Anonymity in Seconds

The NinjaStik - online privacy in 60 seconds. Tor on USB

TORONTO, CANADA, USA, September 17, 2013 / -- A portable, easy to use tool to fight back against unwarranted and illegal surveillance. More than just Tor on USB, the NinjaStik restores the ability for anyone to surf, browse, blog and even tweet anonymously.

The news of the past 6 months has declared that online privacy is dead. The NSA is watching, Big Brother is watching, even Google, Facebook and Microsoft are watching. The assumption of privacy when online is no longer the norm, if it was ever accurate. Despite the surveillance revelations there is hope - online privacy, security and even online anonymity is now possible with the NinjaStik.

The NinjaStik is a portable USB device that takes users online with security and privacy in 60 seconds. The NinjaStik makes this possible using the same tools and software that protect hundreds of lives every day across the net. Organizations including the EFF, Wikileaks, NGOs, journalists and whistle-blowers around the world all use the Tor network to safeguard their identity and in many situations protect them from harm.

These tools, including encryption and the Tor network, all required time and technical knowledge to download, install and configure properly - until now that is. The NinjaStik provides these incredible systems, ready to use, on a portable usb drive that loads in 60 seconds.

The NinjaStik is the answer to any worries about online activity being leaked, hacked, shared or compromised. Instead of spending hours or days trying to decipher advanced technical instructions or fighting to make the software work properly, users just plug in a NinjaStik. Simply boot from the NinjaStik USB and all of the benefits, peace of mind and security are up and running in less than a minute.

First released to the public in 2012, The NinjaStik is the result of years of development and testing, to ensure a simplified but very secure system that is easy to use. The NinjaStik is built using open source software on a high quality long lasting USB 3.0 flash drive. The extra speed of a USB 3.0 drive ensures that the NinjaStik is fast and responsive, but also works with any usb port on almost any computer. No coding, installation or configuration required - simply plug it into a computer, boot from USB and the NinjaStik takes care of the rest. Only 60 seconds to a full desktop and the browser will even automatically confirm that it is connected to the internet anonymously through the Tor network.

The NinjaStik works with PCs and Macs - any computer that can boot from USB can use a NinjaStik. After using the NinjaStik, just shut down the computer, unplug the USB drive and NO trace is left on the computer. In fact with a NinjaStik no trace is left on the computer or with the internet provider, no trace at all. All software, programs, data, information and systems are fully contained on the NinjaStik - safely encrypted from unauthorized access.

The NinjaStik also provides storage space to save files, documents, pictures and bookmarks protected with 256 bit encryption. Save anything to a NinjaStik and no one will be able to hack it or crack it - secure portable storage on a USB drive.

Every NinjaStik includes an easy to use encrypted email program - secure communication using fully encrypted email in seconds. The NinjaStik also includes the Electrum Bitcoin wallet. The perfect place to safely store Bitcoins which are also protected by the NinjaStik's encryption. Electrum also has a seed phrase that allows the recovery of Bitcoins if the NinjaStik were ever lost, stolen or damaged.

Last but not least, the NinjaStik is backed by patient and helpful customer service, every NinjaStik is fully tested before being shipped and is even guaranteed with a 100% money back, no hassle, no questions asked guarantee.

The NinjaStik - portable, secure, simple to use and fully encrypted. Online privacy is not dead, in fact it is just coming back to life with the NinjaStik.

About NinjaStik

NinjaStik is a Canadian company founded in 2012 and based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Specializing in simplified privacy devices that respond to business and consumer needs for security and privacy.

Evaluation copies of the NinjaStik are available at no cost and no obligation to professional bloggers and media. Email admin@ninjastik to request one.

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