Jacksonville Commercial Insurance Provider Connect America Helps To Stimulate Jacksonville Economy

JACKSONVILLE, FL, USA, September 5, 2013 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Debate over the best way to stimulate economic growth in Jacksonville, Florida is ongoing. Connect America Commercial Insurance Agency, a local insurer, helps small businesses to stay afloat in the community.

The best way to grow the local economy of Jacksonville, Florida has been a topic of debate among residents and city leaders alike. Mayor Alvin Brown has shown that he is willing to try new and innovative ideas, such as the One Spark crowd funding festival, to attract visitors and keep young professionals in the area. However, some locals think that special events only create a temporary buzz. These residents believe encouraging more commerce in the area is the only way to build and sustain long term economic growth.

Connect America Commercial Insurance Agency has seen an upswing in small businesses requesting commercial insurance in Jacksonville over the last year. Operating in the local area since 1961, owner Michael Mayer has seen the local economy rise and fall several times. A small business owner himself, Mayer feels that increasing the amount of jobs locally is the only way to create and sustain economic growth for local residents.

As a leading provider of commercial insurance in Jacksonville, Connect America Commercial Insurance Agency helps small businesses to get off the ground by providing insurance coverage for the incidents that can result in large financial losses for small businesses. For example, a customer who slips and falls while inside a retail store or dental office can sue the business for damages. For a small business just starting out, having to cover the cost of this person’s medical expenses, plus additional damages, can be too much of a financial burden. With commercial insurance in Jacksonville, this burden is covered by the insurance company, leaving the company with enough money to continue operating.

In addition to providing commercial insurance in Jacksonville, Connect America Commercial Insurance Agency can also help businesses get Worker’s Compensation coverage and commercial auto insurance.

Connect America Commercial Insurance Agency in Jacksonville believes in offering commercial insurance throughout Florida, while providing professional and honest service. By choosing the company to fill commercial insurance needs, businesses benefit from expert advice on personalized commercial insurance that can only come from years of experience.

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