Manhattan’s First Advanced E-cigarette Store Opens on Lower East Side

We believe consumption of e-cigs will eclipse consumption of traditional cigs over the next decade as e-cig technology improves and awareness and trial continue to accelerate.
— National Vapers Club
NEW YORK, NY, USA, July 27, 2013 / -- With e-cigarettes rapid increase in popularity, the first e-cigarette store in Manhattan is finally opened to meet the demand for the product and bring a better alternative for smokers to New York City.

Up until this past weekend, e-cigarette users (also known as vapers) had to leave Manhattan to get their supplies. Last Friday, Vape New York opened the first e-cigarette shop in Manhattan on the Lower East Side. Although places like Los Angeles and Miami have dozens of e-cigarette stores, until now, the island of Manhattan had none.

Disposable e-cigarettes that resembled traditional cigarettes with an LED light on the end were the norm in Manhattan, but this new advanced e-cigarette store makes it more affordable, accessible, and reasonable for smokers to make the switch to an e-cigarette that actually satisfies the urge for a cigarette. A beginner kit can range from $30 to $70 and the average cost of use is around $1.50 per pack.

Just like Vape New York’s first location in Jamaica, Queens, this new Manhattan location also lets smokers of legal smoking age try e-cigarettes in their store to see if they find it a viable alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Employees at Vape New York custom tailor an e-cigarette kit to suit the customer’s personal needs based on what brand they smoke and how often they smoke. They also educate the customers on how to use the product properly which makes the switch to the electronic alternative much easier.

With many cities and states proposing legislation intended to ban indoor use of e-cigarettes, many companies have hesitated to invest the capital needed to open an e-cigarette store in Manhattan. However, according to Bonnie Herzog, Wells Fargo Financial Analyst, “We believe consumption of e-cigs will eclipse consumption of traditional cigs over the next decade as e-cig technology improves and awareness and trial continue to accelerate.“ The urgent need for a Manhattan location outweighed the risk involved in Vape New York’s decision to invest in the new location.

"We are very excited to bring vaping and e-cigarette culture to Manhattan. We love exposing new people to e-cigarettes and educating people about the product. Honestly, it changes people’s lives.” Says Spike Babaian, Co-Owner of Vape New York.

Vape New York strives to meet higher standards by selling American made, lab mixed, independently tested liquid with their e-cigarettes. They educate the public and legislators on the science of e-cigarettes and the difference between smoke and vapor and help protect people's right to use the product indoors. The owners have been strong supporters of National Vapers Club and have been very active in keeping e-cigarette use legal nationwide.

Vape New York encourages individuals to do their research on the product, ask questions and actually try the product before buying an e-cigarette.

Vape New York was started by 2 former smokers with a passion for electronic cigarettes. With many years of experience and knowledge about e-cigarettes, the owners do everything possible to help smokers comfortably make the switch to this smokeless alternative.

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