WeightRater.com Hits Several Key Milestones - Overachieves in Its First Six Months


MENLO PARK, CA, USA, July 22, 2013 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Recent developments and milestone achievements indicate that WeightRater.com is slowly becoming one of the web's most trusted weight loss, fitness, and diet product reviews resource.

WeightRater.com, sporting its increasing list of weight loss, diet, and fitness product reviews plus an active Facebook page, keeps on growing on its way to become the most trusted online resource for product reviews since the website was launched on November 29, 2012.

The organization’s main goal was to, and still remains to this day, clean up the diet and weight loss product reviews industry and provide users with accurate and useful product information that can actually help them make confident purchasing decisions. If recent events and analytics data are of any indication, Weight Rater has definitely achieved, and continues to achieve, those goals.

Since its inception, more than 36,000 dieters and fitness goers have visited and enjoyed the website. A typical visitor to WeightRater.com then spends 1 minute and 7 seconds on average, according to site analytics data, reading through the reviews provided by the website. These are impressive stats for an organization that has only been around for less than a year, covers a very niche industry, and doesn’t have any offline presence.

However, perhaps the statistical data that is most indicative of Weight Rater’s growth towards being a recognized brand in the weight loss product review niche is the steady growth of its direct traffic. In January of this year, website analytics data shows that only 19.7% of visitors reach the site directly. This has since grown to 26.2% in June of the same year. Direct traffic is believed to be a good representation of brand recognition, wherein visitors go to the site directly without the need to pass through other channels or sources like search engines, directories, or related websites.

Supplementing the growth of WeightRater.com is the official Weight Rater Facebook page; which has also managed to make significant progress. Since it was created on January 2013, the page’s user base has grown to more than 3,500 “likes” and mostly made up of active and passionate individuals.

Of course, the greatest indicator of progress still lies on the sentiments of people that the website actually helped plus the support from established experts of the fitness and weight loss industry. Below are just some of the good words said about WeightRater.com.

“Good evening, I came across your website, very impressive and to be honest it actually saved me from ordering just another weight loss program that probably wouldn’t work anyways…” – Teresa Demelo

"your review site is a LOT better than the other "review" sites you'd find in Google" - Kent Wilson of Get Lean In 12, Inc.

"you're certainly putting in the hard work to create a powerful resource online" - Belinda Benn of Aussie Fitness Ltd.

The organization still has a long way to go, but these positive results and continuous progress are clear indications that WeightRater.com is poised to become the premiere destination for trustworthy weight loss, diet, and fitness product reviews in the years to come.

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Weight Rater is an online product review resource for weight loss, dieting, and fitness products. The organization provides users with insider looks and buyer’s guides on the best and underrated health and weight management products available in the market. For more information, visit their website at www.weightrater.com.

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