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An Insight to Advanced Radiology and Imaging techniques - OMICS Group Medical Conferences

Workshop on MRI image quality from concept to practice

International Conference on Radiology and Imaging 2013

International Conference on Radiology and Imaging during August 14-16, 2013 at Chicago Northshore, USA.

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 12, 2013 / -- Radiology is a medical discipline, widely used to treat dreadful diseases like cancer and tumours. Medical imaging is used extensively in all clinical trials to offer effective diagnostic solutions. Medical Imaging, thus, is used as a tool to study Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Endoscopy, Thermography and Microscopy.

Medical Imaging is also used prominently in various sub-disciplines like Biomedical engineering computer science and Medical Physics. Several interdisciplinary areas like neurology, cardiology, Psychiatry, and psychology also deploy this for investigations.

Radiologists use a wide array of imaging technologies such as X-ray, radiography, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to diagnose or treat diseases. The acquisition of medical imaging is usually carried out by the radiographer or radiologic technologist. The radiologist then interprets the images and produces a report of their findings and impression or diagnosis. This report is then transmitted to the ordering physician, either routinely or emergently.

Advancements in this field have been taking place at a tremendous sped and it is essential to update these finds among practisers, patients, and technicians.

OMICS Group Medical Conferences announcing an International Conference on Radiology and Imaging during August 14-16, 2013 at Chicago Northshore, USA under the theme ‘An Insight into Advanced Methodologies in Radiology attains significance this juncture.

Several attendees and delegates are supposed to benefit from the fruitful presentations and panel discussions about radiation therapy and the associated diagnostic imaging techniques. The tracks and sessions are also divided into various applications of radiography and the risks in interventional radiology.

Radiology-2013 also hosts workshops on MRI image quality from concept to practice by Gamal Fathalla M.Mahdaly, Founder and CEO of Experta Medica, Egypt.

Speakers invited at the OMICS Group radiology and imaging conference are
• Michael Goris, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA
• Shuo Li, GE Healthcare, Canada
• Morio Sato, Wakayama Medical University, Japan
• IkuoTooyama, Shiga University of Medical Science, Japan

Major tracks for discussion include

• Acquisition of Radiological Images
• Interventional Radiology Procedures
• Applications of Radiography
• Disorders of Interventional Radiology
• Radiation Therapy
• Radiology for the Non-Radiologist
• Advances in Imaging
• Diagnostic Imaging Techniques
• Radiopharmaceuticals
• PET/MRI versus PET/CT Hybrid

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