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South and Central Asia: Fact Sheet: People-To-People Philanthropy With India

The citizens of the United States and India form the heart of the U.S.-India relationship. For more than two centuries, our people have shared ideas and inspiration, sparked innovation, and bettered nearly every aspect of our relationship. These personal, commercial, professional, and academic exchanges have strengthened our countries and brought them closer together. A growing field of cooperation is targeted philanthropy, which seeks to promote mutually beneficial inclusive growth objectives.

To catalyze greater U.S.-India collaboration and support for targeted philanthropy, the U. S. Department of State supported the creation of the innovative online portal, which makes it easier to learn about and support non-profit organizations in India. This portal was inspired by the Indian-American community’s endeavors. The United States wishes to acknowledge a representative cross-section of notable India-focused philanthropic initiatives founded by Indian-Americans in the hopes of inspiring others to similarly contribute, including by visiting where one can suggest additions to the below listing and provide support to hundreds of other capable organizations.

Action for India helps development organizations in India scale their impact by leveraging information and communications technologies. (

American India Foundation promotes innovative education, livelihoods and health programs, and provides fellowships for Americans to serve at non-profit organizations in India. (

AAPI Charitable Foundation supports seventeen free clinics in India which serve over a million patients annually and provide outreach programs for disease prevention and education. (

Asha for Education works with multiple partners and community groups to support education and development-related activities throughout India. (

Breakthrough uses media, pop culture, and community mobilization to build popular support for issues including HIV/AIDS, women’s empowerment, immigrant rights, and racial justice. (

Children’s Hope India supports projects across India that provide education, food, shelter, and health services to thousands of children. (

Dasra is a strategic philanthropy foundation that works with social entrepreneurs and philanthropists to create large scale social change. (

Deshpande Foundation India strengthens local ecosystems, builds leaders and entrepreneurs, and catalyzes innovative thinking to accelerate the creation of sustainable, scalable enterprises that have significant social and economic impact. (

Digital Green builds and deploys information and communication technology to improve the cost-effectiveness and broaden the community participation of existing agricultural extension systems. (

Foundation for Excellence awards scholarships to underprivileged high school students who have secured admissions to quality engineering and medical colleges; each scholarship recipient pledges to support at least two more students once they are able to do so. (

Global India Fund helps connect Indian nonprofit organizations with the global donor community. (

Global Fund for Children improves the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children by supporting innovative community-based organizations, and by harnessing the power of children’s books, films, and documentary photography to promote global understanding. (

Haiyya identifies, recruits, and trains community leaders in Mumbai to promote organizing around social and economic change. (

Helena Kaushik Education Foundation supports the Helena Kaushik Women’s College, which was founded 1999 in rural Rajasthan to provide more educational and economic opportunities for women. (

The Institute of Rural Research and Development (IRRAD), an initiative of the S.M. Sehgal Foundation, engages with rural Indian communities in the areas of natural resource management, small-scale agriculture, education, health and sanitation, capacity building and rural governance. (

Jiv Daya Foundation helps Indian hospitals and research institutes strengthen programs in a range of areas, including pediatric oncology, palliative care, and amputee assistance. (

Lend a Hand partners with grassroots non-profit organizations, community groups, and local governments to enhance access to education, vocational training, career development, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities. (

Manav Sadhna is based in the Gandhi Ashram in Gujarat and provides healthcare and educational opportunities to women and children from the surrounding slum areas. (

NexLeaf is a nonprofit technology company that provides lightweight sensor technologies for measuring the impact of public health and environmental interventions, including improved cook stoves in India. (

Save a Mother educates women in Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka about pregnancy, nutrition, immunization, delivery, and care of the child. (

Shanti Bhavan provides long-term education to the most underprivileged children through a high-quality boarding school in rural Tamil Nadu. (

Wadhwani Foundation supports entrepreneurship development, innovation and research, vocational training and community colleges, and employment opportunities for the disabled. (

Wheels, an initiative of the Capital IIT Alumni Association, aims to create a systematic framework for leveraging multi-stakeholder ideas and resources to improve six key development areas. (