Head Start Business Consulting and the Private Placement Offering Market Show Promising Growth

/EINPresswire.com/ Start-up investment funding increasingly available as the economy slowly improves. Investors seeking higher returns look to private placement offerings as start-up companies and advisors like Head Start Business Consulting fill market demand for new offerings.

Once again this past week the stock markets reached fresh all-time highs. Each day the rally continues as all three of the major U.S. stock indexes inch higher and higher to set record after record. It is clear investors are pouring money into the U.S. stock market. With all the excitement and news stories about the public stock markets it’s been easy to overlook another market that is receiving increasing attention and investors’ cash - Private Placement Offerings.

Private placement offerings of company stock are also seeing a boost as the economy slowly improves. Private placements typically utilize Regulation D 504/505/506 offerings to sell equity shares in private companies. Many times these companies are either start-up companies or young companies that aren’t household names. All of these companies have hopes and dreams of one day creating their own brand names in the marketplace. Before these young companies can achieve their dreams they will need to secure investment funding to fuel rapid growth. The current market seems ripe for the picking as investors pour money into both public and private markets.

Investors in Regulation D offerings are usually accredited investors, although SEC guidelines allow for a certain number of unaccredited investors depending on the offering size and other designations. The companies that utilize Regulation D offerings can range from real estate, technology companies, film productions, new products created by inventors, to just about any line of business that has a solid business plan in place to demonstrate that their company is a business with rapid growth potential. The offerings are considered high risk/high reward, which in many cases is exactly the type of investment diversification that accredited investors are seeking within their portfolio.

Just last week a successful private placement for $4.5 million dollars was executed for a start-up company in the food & beverage consumer goods category. Head Start Business Consulting, LLC out of Houston, Texas (headstartbusinsss.com) served as advisors to the company during the offering period.

Scott Jacobson, a director with Head Start Business Consulting, agreed that the current market for private placements is heating up. His firm also recently made news in April with a Regulation D 506 offering completed in only 24 days. Jacobson described the food and beverage company as having a solid business idea that just makes sense; and this is exactly what investors are clamoring for in today’s hot market. A solid business plan, properly structured PPM (Private Placement Memorandum), and a clear financial presentation for investors to review are the basics nuts and bolts for successful offerings. He is currently lining up his offering schedule for June and July as it looks like his firm will have plenty of business in the coming months.

Head Start Business Consulting, LLC was launched in 2005 in Houston, TX. The company's divisions include: www.headstartbusiness.com www.businessfundingtoday.com and www.fundingdocuments.com Since 2005 the company has assisted clients with documentation and fund raising in excess of $2 Billion dollars.

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