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Assistant Secretary Hoffman Discusses Grid Modernization with the New York Times and E&E TV

Assistant Secretary Patricia Hoffman recently discussed the progress being made with modernization of the nation’s electric grid and the benefits that consumers, businesses, and communities across the nation are seeing, including fewer outages, more efficient operations, faster power restoration when disruptions occur, cost savings, and job creation

During a New York Times conference on “Energy for Tomorrow: Building Sustainable Cities,” Assistant Secretary Hoffman joined ConEd CEO Kevin Burke, and Euroheat and Power CEO Sabine Froning  for a discussion on “Think National but Power Local.” During an interview with EE TV’s Monica Trauzzi, she discussed how Recovery Act funding is helping utilities achieve important results such as reducing peak load, deferring building of additional generation, improving operations and monitoring the health of the grid more effectively. 

The New York Times conference and the EE TV interview are both available online.