Hoodi™ Magnetic Shades for the iPad® and iPad Mini Debut, Making Outdoor iPad Use Possible

sunshade glare privacy protection for the iPad

Hoodi sun shade for the iPad and iPad mini

/EINPresswire.com/ 95% of iPad users don't use their iPads outdoors. Why? Sun glare makes them virtually unreadable. Hoodi magnetic shades provide Shade, Privacy and Protection to the iPad & iPad mini, making the Hoodi an indispensible accessory for iPad users.

HoodiVision announces the launch of Hoodi magnetic shades just in time for summer.

Hoodi™ magnetic shades liberate the iPad® and iPad mini from the indoors. Now its easy to read, watch and surf on the iPad almost anywhere... at the beach, by the pool, on the boat and in the car. Go camping, to the stadium, to the park, to the construction site... and even to your own backyard.

Hoodi™ magnetic shades for the iPad® provide Shade, Privacy and Protection. They shield the iPad from sun and reflective glare, prying eyes and direct sun heat that can shut down the iPad and degrade battery life.

The Hoodi attaches to the iPad using MagShade™ technology allowing it to attach and detach in seconds. Unlike other shades, the Hoodi is lightweight, easy to use and quickly folds to a compact portable purse/checkbook size.

"Tablet screens are backlit and subject to glare, which makes reading them outdoors, especially in bright sunlight, nearly impossible. Actix, a mobile analytics firm, reports that 95 percent of iPad use is indoors, which means either that iPad users hate the sun or the sun hates the iPad. Despite my bias against the sun, I think it’s the latter.... " Washington Post, June 5, 2012 Michael S. Rosenwald.

Founder/CEO Steve Armstrong relates "We were each thrilled with our first iPad but disappointed to find that sun glare reflection made the display mirror-like and virtually unreadable outside. And indoors or out, there was very little privacy from prying eyes when in public, and the iPad could freeze up and shut down if it got too hot in the sun."

After months of research and prototypes HoodiVision finalized the design of the Hoodi. Specifically engineered to provide Shade, Privacy and Protection to the iPad, the Hoodi attaches to the surface of the iPad in seconds, all buttons and ports are fully accessible and the iPad can be moved or carried with the Hoodi staying securely attached. It's electrostatic polyethylene foam interior provides protection to the iPad from the heat of the sun. Super lightweight, it folds down to a compact size. It will even "hitch a ride" on the Smart Cover. It can be used with smart cases, smart covers and most third party cases. The Hoodi is constructed from a durable but elegant fabric and comes in six great colors.

Here is an unsolicited testimonial from a script supervisor:

Hi Steve.

I'm writing to let you know how much I love the Hoodivision ipad Hoodi. I worked on two
commercial shoots recently - 10 hour days, outside and I used the Hoodi on both shoots and
it worked great.

The Hoodi reduced glare substantially, which allowed much greater visibility while outside.
The Hoodi extended battery life because I was able to lower screen brightness and still see
The Hoodi was easy on, easy off
The Hoodi magnets were strong and it stayed in place despite a lot of ipad movement
The Hoodi attached perfectly around my Padlette ipad handle
The Hoodi design and utility are excellent

I am very happy to have the Hoodi as part of my digital script supervising kit. I can't imagine working
outside without it.

Thanks for a great product!

R Malone

Other professionals have expressed great interest in the Hoodi, from golf pros, to football coaches, first responders, airline pilots, videographers and more, all looking for a sunshade to reduce reflective sun glare and heat and have privacy when using their iPad.

The Hoodi is available now on the Hoodivision website http://www.hoodivision.com

HoodiVision, a division of Umbra Group Inc. is a Los Angeles, CA based company that designs, manufactures and sells Hoodi magnetic shades for the iPad® and iPad mini. The Hoodi provides Shade Privacy and Protection to the iPad and is an indispensable tool for business, professional and personal use. (patent pending) For more information please visit http://www.hoodivision.com, http://facebook.com/hoodivision and follow on Twitter at http://twitter.com/@hoodivision

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