Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Details Price Makeover For Miami Cosmetic Surgery

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery start new sales in Miami Florida

/ New approach to Cosmetic Surgery Pricing in Miami Florida makes a big statement in the medical industry.

In the last decade there has been a big boom of people going through cosmetic surgery. Some do it to feel better with themselves, or to help their social life, work or marriage.

"I decided to get a retouch because my profession practically made me do it. There is such a high competition in the market place right now," Michelle Rodriguez a Realtor from Miami said, detailing the same situation many people have to face nowadays.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the percentage of some surgeries increased over an astounding 4,000% between 2000 and 2012, a number hard to ignore and at the same time a great opportunity.

Miami-Florida has been banking in this boom for years; this city has some of the busiest Cosmetic Surgery Centers in the nation becoming one of the top destinations in the US for those who want to go “under the knife,” in great part for their average lower costs, compared to other states, and also for its touristic attractions.

However, some of the facts about Plastic Surgery in Miami and other places are not what many patients would expect. For instance, despite the hundreds of local physicians that offer these treatments, the great majority are not certified plastic surgeons, they are only general surgeons. This means they may not have sufficient knowledge or the right experience for some specialized treatments and results may be below average. Another important factor is affordability. Cosmetic surgery is a business like any other, in which offer and demand usually drive prices up or down, but in this case not to the point that you would expect considering the high demand.

A Cosmetic Center in Miami is now up to change that; Vanity Cosmetic Surgery (Spanish version is a plastic and reconstructive surgery clinic with three locations across Miami Dade and Broward County. They are launching this April a revolutionary new approach to Plastic Surgery pricing with weekly offers.

"We are proud to announce a new discount model in which every week we’ll be substantially discounting prices and combining services to better appeal to new patients," said Carlos Yela, promotion manager for the centers. "Our objective is to help people who are looking to get a high quality cosmetic procedure done but, for any reason, economic or not, haven’t been able to, we are sure this extra incentive will make a big difference for them." For anyone looking for a “retouch”, price is an important factor but, quality is as important -if not more- when deciding where to get a surgery. This is exactly how this new approach sets Vanity apart from competitors. "We know our patients expect us to keep up the great service our clinic has always offered, quality that has made us become the top Plastic Surgery Institution in South Florida," Yela said.

Lowering costs without compromising quality is a big step, considering that all doctors at Vanity’s are Certified Plastic Surgeons with other important certification. They are also graduates from significant Universities like Harvard, University of Miami and others. “Our commitment to offer the best service to our patients will never cease. This is what has taken us to the position where we are now. Our doctors and staff are part of this commitment, and price reductions like these prove their dedication to the community,” Yela added.

Surely discounts are not a new thing in cosmetic clinics but according to Vanity Center, they are planning to present weekly discounts to their most popular surgical and non-surgical treatments and at the same time include important values like free upgrades or extra procedures. They project that the proceedings coming from new patients will add up to their bottom line at the end, increasing their revenues and patient portfolio.

In an economy where medical costs have a tendency to go up in price, these discounts will surely be a breath of fresh air for some people.

About The Clinics:

Vanidades/Vanity Cosmetic Surgery was founded in 2008 as a center dedicated to cosmetic treatments and varicose veins under the skin. Since then, They have grown to be one of the largest cosmetic centers in Florida.

Vanidades Cosmetic Surgery has three locations in South Florida. Their centers have eight operating rooms equipped with new, cutting-edge technology. Medical personnel in charge of postoperative recovery are highly qualified. Only registered nurses (RN) are authorized to accompany patients during critical moments, such as the first five hours after surgery.

In the cosmetic center, they serve more than 50,000 patients a year, they perform over 3,000 surgeries and more than 20,000 medical and cosmetic treatments annually.

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