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Injury Lawyer Network Launches Slip and Fall Injury and Accident Helpline For Florida Seniors

/ Injury Lawyer Network has launched an outreach program for seniors in Florida injured by a slip and fall. According to the Injury Lawyer Network social worker "slip and fall injury increases with the aging process. Seniors will need a slip and fall lawyer with specific experience in senior injuries". "These cases may have to go thru the test of the seniors medical health vs the property owners liability".
Slip and falls are one of the most common types of accidents in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and other Florida Senior communities. Spitzer continues " I would think slip and fall accident lawsuits will expe increase over the next few years as the age of the U.S. population increases.

Spitzer tells us "According to the CNA study I read, seniors are more likely to experience a slip and fall accident and their injuries tend to be more significant. The study’s authors estimate that over one million people injure themselves in slip and fall accidents, that 16,000 people die from a slip and fall accidents every year and have identified the following five major causes of slip and fall accidents""Balance, coordination, eyesight and other medical conditions do make slip and fall accident easier but, many seniors here in Florida are active and in good shape and I do not think aging will play a part" However according to one of the Injury Lawyer Network slip and fall lawyers"Insurance companies will attempt to use the aging process and medical health of the plaintiff as a means to battle any settlement offer""It is up to an experienced slip and fall lawyer to make a good case for their client"" They should be experienced with seniors"."There are many situations where the liability is clear including: poor condition of handrails or guardrails, slippery surfaces, spills, poor accessibility or blocked areas, poor walking surface conditions, poor visibility, and general poor maintenance""We need to have a good defense for the insurance companies"
"Florida has numerous senior communities and a large senior population" Says Spitzer, who served as an administrator for a geriatric center in upstate New York. The new Slip and Fall accident helpline is open 24hrs 7 days and can be reached by calling 1 877 522-2123.