The Andon Group Corp Unveils Its Organic Soil Amendment Products

Andon Group's Organic Soil Amendment Products

/ A leading sustainable company that provides game-changing technologies unveiled its non-synthetic, mineral based soil amendment products today which directly address the soil and water needs of agriculture production, soil remediation and coastal restoration.

The Andon Group's Suite of Organic Soil Amendment Products – AndoCrop, AndoTurf and AndoMend, are specifically developed to organic/non-synthetic standards – including being free of animal-derived nitrogenous compounds. These formulations reduce or eliminate the use of petro-chemical fertilizers, reduce moisture loss from soil, nutrient lock-up and nutrient loss due to run-off. They also reverse the damages of chemical farming, mining, oil, and gas development.

By controlling the water solubility of the product, combined with non-toxic ingredients, there is no risk of pollution via leaching into the water table, soil erosion or wind-blown effect. With each successive application, the product builds thus increasing fertility and moisture retention. It is important to note that these products were devised to be cost-effective by utilizing the soil biomass to spontaneously generate nitrogenous compounds that support vigorous crop growth – including producing drought resistant, pest resistant and nutrient dense crops for human and animal consumption.

Mark Lundahl, VP of North American Sales states, “The high demand for these innovative products come as no surprise as they are specifically designed to transform damaged soil into productive land and to reduce the dependency on synthetic fertilizers which continue to rise in price."

The Andon Group not only embraces sustainability and innovation, but understands that being eco-friendly is no longer just something nice to do for the environment, but that it matters from a growth perspective, cost and margin perspective and a brand value perspective. This type of development within a business can create value for customers, investors and the environment. The Andon Group’s primary focus is promoting innovation and growth today without compromising our tomorrow.

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