Alfred De Carolis looking to Expand 9021pho into New York City

/ Recognized worldwide as a center of information, economics, and travel, New York City is a melting pot of fantastic sights and fabulous meals. Now, Alfred De Carolis looks to enhance the Big Apple even further with a move to bring 9021pho to New York City.

When it comes to variety, New York City offers a food-lover’s paradise. However, within a few short years, residents and visitors alike will have the opportunity to taste some of the finest international cuisine when 9021pho opens its doors.

Featuring a wide variety of Vietnamese meals, 9021pho was started by Chef Kimmy Tang when she decided to blend together the techniques she’d learned with the traditional ingredients and flavors of Vietnam. The result of this was the creation of 9021pho in Beverly Hills, California. Upon discovering the foods she had created, Alfred De Carolis decided to take 9021pho to the next level and became the majority shareholder in the company with an eye to expanding 9021pho to as many as fifty locations within just five years. At least two of these locations are planned for another of America’s most important locations: New York City itself.

Once built, each of the residents in the area will have the opportunity to partake in new flavors from recipes created by Chef Kimmy Tang herself. In addition to the steaming hot soups and aromatic teas that can serve many visitors through the cold northeastern winters, 9021pho will be bringing international alcohols, savory appetizers, and the highest quality main-dish meals to each customer that places an order. From rice noodles and shrimp to bok choy and fresh seasonal fruit, Alfred De Carolis’ expansion plans offer New York City another great way to taste the flavors of the world.

Some plans are still being discussed and may be subject to change; depending on a variety of factors, New York City may wind up with even more 9021pho locations than expected.

9021pho is co-owned by Alfred De Carolis and run by Chef Kimmy Tang and provides some of the finest Vietnamese meals in California. Casual attire is both permitted and encouraged at each location, and 9021pho has made efforts to ensure that all locations are fully accessible to patrons. Delivery is available to the Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, Glendale, and Sherman Oaks areas. For more information, check out Store hours may vary by location.

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