Alfred De Carolis to Bring Asian Flavor to the East Coast

/ Alfred De Carolis, Californian entrepreneur, now offers a new flavor to eastern cities with plans to bring 9021pho their way.

When visitors first arrive on American shores, many of them bring with them memories of cooking techniques from their homeland. From simple stews and hearty breads to more exotic expertise, these techniques have been the center point for the development of America’s own culinary culture. However, few of these visitors have gone back overseas to learn the flavors of their ancestors, and fewer still to the Far East instead of Europe. Yet this was precisely what Chef Kimmy Tang did when she traveled to Vietnam, and the result of her extensive study of techniques and ingredients was the creation of 9021pho in the Beverly Hills area of California.

Now, cities in the East will have the opportunity to enjoy these new Asian flavors as Alfred De Carolis brings 9021pho throughout the nation, focused on the areas where people will enjoy it the most. As the majority shareholder in the company, Mr. De Carolis has decided that Chef Kimmy Tang’s flavors are simply too good to be confined to California, which is why he’s made it his goal to open up to fifty locations in only five years while maintaining the same genius of technique that first propelled Chef Kimmy Tang to stardom.

Plans for expansion to the east coast are ongoing, but include at least two locations planned for New York City itself, as well as other locations down the coast and throughout the New England area. These locations will provide hot soups and teas throughout the fierce winter weather, while offering those who enjoy Asian flavors another opportunity to satisfy their taste buds with healthy, flavorful ingredients.

9021pho is co-owned by Alfred De Carolis and run by Chef Kimmy Tang and provides some of the finest Vietnamese meals in California. Casual attire is both permitted and encouraged at each location, and 9021pho has made efforts to ensure that all locations are fully accessible to patrons. Delivery is available to the Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, Glendale, and Sherman Oaks areas. For more information, check out Store hours may vary by location.

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