Folk-Rock Singer-Songwriter Garrett Sawyer Releasing New Album

Chronicles And Vanity

/ Orange County folk-rock singer-songwriter Garrett Sawyer is pleased to announce the release of his new album "Chronicles and Vanity," containing a tribute to a fallen soldier.

Garrett Sawyer's new album contains songs that definitely stand out. "One Falcon Down" was inspired by the story of Lance Corporal Jeffrey Lucey, who died after returning from Iraq. His story was first reported by his parents, who were guests on a 2004 broadcast of Amy Goodman's Democracy Now!

"I was channel surfing during that morning's commute", Sawyer recalled. "I caught the tail end of the segment where Kevin Lucey, Jeffrey's father was describing how his son took his own life after suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The description quietly haunted me until I finally wrote the song."

But that's not the only difficult topic Sawyer tackles on this new album. In the leadoff song "The Year of Nobody's Lord", Sawyer takes a fresh look back, recounting the loss of life and suffering that followed America's post 9/11 retaliation. He takes a major step forward, recording with Orange County blues-rock band Mama Hagglin and saxophonist/harmonica player Dr. Harding Young.

As a favor to his fans Sawyer is giving away the former track for free for a limited time on his web site ( "I'm extremely pleased with how the track came out," Sawyer said. "If you want to know the kind of music I create, this is the best way to find out."

Serious music fans can get a free copy of folk rock Singer Songwriter Garrett Sawyer's new song "One Falcon Down" at But, remember, the free download is up for a limited time.

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