Lab88 Debuts ProLargeX A New Yohimbe-Alternative Male Enhancement Pill

/ Lab88 has developed a yohimbe-alternative supplement for men after years of researching the perfect blend of ingredients, including powerful aphrodisiacs and special herbs from exotic locations around the globe.

Yohimbe is an effective ingredient often used in male sex enhancement pills but it’s not advised for all adult men, particularly those with heart ailments and high blood pressure. Lab88 a market leader in dietary supplements has successfully marketed Irexis male supplement for over ten years, however, recognizing yohimbe sensitivity in select men they have launched ProLargeX . The ingredients in ProLargeX were carefully assembled from around the globe, containing rare herbs and extracts including powerful aphrodisiacs including Tongkat Ali and Orchic Substance. Tongkat Ali has been dubbed as the “Asian Viagra” in a May 1999 report in the New Sunday Times. Tongkat Ali has been shown in animal studies to increase testosterone, increase energy, and increase muscle mass. Orchic Substance is derived from bull’s testicles. Men use Orchic Substance to maintain healthy testicular function. ProLargeX also contains zinc, an essential mineral important for prostate gland function and the growth of the reproductive organs. It also helps sperm motility.

ProLargeX natural male enhancement pills were designed with the intention of promoting improved sexual functioning by enhancing libido, sex drive, stamina, performance and sexual confidence.

ProLargeX natural male enhancement pills are available exclusively online at The website offers multiple purchase discounts and free shipping with qualifying orders.

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Lab88 group of companies was formed in 2001. The company was founded with the mandate to create first grade supplements and health products that fill a need, addressing a specific health or quality of life issue.

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