Attorney Mark Bailey Speaks on 'Gun Protection' with Local Media and Classroom Instruction

/ Defense attorney gives lessons on weapon safety and new Oklahoma gun laws at local firearm school.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Fittingly so, lead defense lawyer Mark Bailey spoke with Fox 25 news in an interview packed with weapon safety tips on national “Gun Appreciation Day." As a legal instructor for a local firearms school, Bailey advocates for legal gun carrying. His conversation with local media, in favor of right to bear arms, came as a breath of fresh air to Oklahoma gun owners that have been fired up over recent anti-weapon proposals.

In a short snippet of camera exposure, the Oklahoma City criminal lawyer shed light on what he believes is one of the real issues concerning gun control – guns just haven’t been inaccessible to wrongful users. Plainly put, he recognizes that "it’s not the weapon that is the problem, it’s having unauthorized people have access to the weapons."

With the recent sensitivity of the issue still strong, he progressively approaches it by teaching licensed gun holders how to keep their weapons out of the hands of criminals. Because criminals find ways around the law, Bailey assigns the responsibility of “protecting guns” from them to the owners.

Whether in the classroom or media, Bailey advises owners to take precautions in order to make sure no one else gets to their firearms and encourages them to keep a record of serial numbers, and take pictures of guns to be kept in a separate place. That way if the weapon is stolen, rightful owners will have enough information to give to the police to help combat wrongful use.

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