Continuity Programs Celebrates 40th Anniversary

/ Customer relationship marketing firm has grown with technology and innovation while adhering to basic business fundamentals.

WALLED LAKE, Michigan – Continuity Programs is celebrating its 40th corporate anniversary. The relationship marketing firm opened its doors on January 22, 1973, and has seen many changes in technology among the constants in its three business fundamentals.

What began as a small division of Epps Advertising has grown into its own business and an industry leader in customer retention marketing through client loyalty strategy development and lead generation services.

"I firmly believe business fundamentals should stay simple and strong; things like great service, truly appreciating your customers, and taking care of your customers and staff," said Kirk King, president of Continuity Programs. "We will remain focused on the basic principles of marketing, producing results and a sound return on investment for our clients. And, our commitment to invest in technology allows us to continue to improve, expand and grow."

King, who bought the company from its original owner in 2010, noted that the differentiation strategy of Continuity Programs can be summed up in just three concepts: results, flexible technology and diversification. Most of the company's customers have been with it for more than 20 years because of desirable results. The company's flexible technology allows it to intelligently market on behalf of its clients, across a wide variety of industries, in whatever media avenue its clients' customers prefer to use.

After 40 years, Continuity Programs is still thriving under those principles. The firm was recently nominated for the 2013 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch award, as well as for the 2013 Michigan Small Business of the Year. King is nominated for Oakland County's Top 40 under 40 for 2013.

About Continuity Programs: Continuity Programs ( is a customer relationship marketing firm based in Michigan. It provides a variety of relationship marketing solutions, including customer retention, cross selling, drip marketing, lead and referral generation, customer tracking and prospecting. Continuity Programs works with clients to devise customer retention strategies and database management. Its customers come from a wide array of industries, including banking, mortgage, insurance, heating and cooling, home performance, real estate, legal, financial planning, moving, automotive and child care.

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