Lyricist Has a Song For Taylor Swift and Other Major Recording Artists

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New York, NY - New York lyricist Rashad Curtis goes online to offer new songs to Carrie Underwood, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and others.

Rashad Curtis is bypassing industry traditions to bring fresh, new lyrics directly to the world's biggest recording artists. He is doing so by posting lyrics in their entirety on Half of the selling price will be forwarded to charity.

Curtis isn't yet a familiar name in the music industry, but he can certainly write lyrics. After a lifetime of listening to music, Curtis tried his hand at lyric writing to soon discover the words flowed fast and inspiring.

Now, over 60 songs later, Curtis is ready to shake up the industry. Each lyric is for sale and the highest bidder owns the lyrics of his or her choice.

Song lyrics range from tried-and-true themes of love and passion:
And I'm holding onto you
Even though I know you're better off without me
Because a time will come
When you're gonna learn the truth about me

Other lyrics are highly creative and fun:
When things are going smooth and without a hitch
That’s when the sabotage kicks in
After 7 months I get this itch
And the self destructive games begin

Curtis, who is also a published author, writes lyrics in forms well known to songwriters including multiple verses, chorus, and bridge. "Depending on the song, my lyrics would be perfect for pop, country, even heavy rock. I've got some lyrics that would be incredible for soft jazz and urban," Curtis said.

Curtis is selling his songs outright, transferring all copyright claims to the buyer and retaining no rights for himself. Half of proceeds go to charities St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and City Harvest.

"Most songwriters don't give away half of what they make to charity, but that's the way I am. I've always figured if I'm making money, I need to share it with those in need," Curtis said.

As a longtime entrepreneur, Curtis found income harder to generate in a sluggish economy. After taking inventory of talents and skills he may not have used in more prosperous times, Curtis decided to try lyric writing. "This wouldn't have come about if I hadn't been brainstorming new ways to provide for my family. Once I started writing lyrics, they seemed to pour from the keyboard," Curtis said. already features nearly 70 complete lyrics with more being added. Curtis writes lyrics with major artists in mind including Taylor Swift, Adele, and Katy Perry along with bands like All-American Rejects, System Of A Down, and Matchbox 20.

"I don't limit myself to a certain format or style of music. I have lyrics that would work for Beyonce and others that would be perfect for Carrie Underwood," Curtis said.

Completed song lyrics can often be a big help to songwriters. A songwriter can put the lyric to a favorite chord progression, then improvise a melody to quickly create a finished song. "It would take a pro songwriter about five minutes to turn these lyrics into a million selling song," Curtis said.

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Rashad Curtis is just a regular guy with a bold idea. He prides himself in being able to write all sorts of things, from articles to books, movies, and even song lyrics. was created because Rashad had no musical talent but he knew he could write hit song lyrics. Traditionally, recording artists and music labels don't buy just the lyrics, but words and music. So he went out on a limb and decided to publicly showcase his lyrics online. Rashad also decided that if any major artists did decide to buy his lyrics, that half of the sale would go to charity.

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