3D Pageflip Professional, the Only software to Turn PDF to Flipbook with 3D Multimedia Contents

3D PageFlip Professional - support to publish eBook with page flip effect, embedded 3D Image Sphere gallery and more multimedia contents like hyperlinks, 3D videos, etc.

/EINPresswire.com/ Different kinds of eBooks with page flip effect can be found anywhere online. However, a 3D one is not familiar for everyone. 3D Pageflip Professional, the only software to create flipbook with 3D effects in PDF pages, is now available for online or offline business!

Flipbook market is now mature. Different kinds of eBooks with page flip effect can be found anywhere online. It looks no fancy for such digital book. But now is different since 3DPageFlip Software shows us strong creation to integrate 3D vision in a flipbook! They delivered flip book maker called 3D PageFlip Standard and 3D PageFlip Professional a year ago and keep perfecting them for the entire year! The software became the only flipbook maker which can create 3D contents in the PDF pages. Now the lasted version they released on Jan 4 becomes powerful with fantastic 3D effects like 3D panoramic background, 3D Video, 3D Image Sphere Gallery, 360 degree product show, etc! This software converts PDF to flipbook with ease and adds extra 3D effects in the document. Some of the uses of this software are creation of 3D newspapers, e-magazine, Business Brochures, Corporate Reports, Event Leaflets / Flyers, Annual Reports, Newsletters, Educational Books, Interactive Books, Sales Catalogues or any other type of multipage document for business or personal use.

How will it bring to readers? More than page turning effects and reading content. Everyone can easily flip page, drag book to rotate, even spin the eBook in 360 degree! It would not only includes all the basic functions of an ordinary flash flipping book, but also lots of unique 3D objects embedded that other flipbook makers don’t have. It is believed that this kind of 3D page flip software will secure the market very soon since it is the unique page flip software that has 3D effects.

As the CEO said, "It would be more powerful in the future to cater to more customers’ needs!" He pointed out that everyone could give them suggestions to improve the quality of the page flip software. Due to their efforts, more and more users spoke highly of the 3D page flip converter. And the outstanding performance of the software shows great benefits for publishing, sharing, and delivering. The main features can be summarized as below:
1. Convert PDF to 3D flipbook with page turning effect
2. Comprehensive design settings for book page, tool bar, background image and music, flip effect, language, etc.
3. Full 3D effects from 3D video, 360 degree pop-up objects, Sphere gallery, panoramic scene, etc.
4. Powerful page editor to add link, movie, images, audio, flash, button, text and more to flip page in order to vivid your 3D flipbook with multimedia content!
5. Multiple output formats for online and offline publishing, even support to read on iPad, iPhone, Android device. Its 3DP output format enables you to send flipping book via email.

This software is cost-effective with its functions. One of the users said, it was easy to handle without learning any complex program. If you would like to know more about the 3D technology and the relative flash page flip book software, you can visit 3DPageFlip’s home page!

About 3DPageFlip
Website: http://www.3dpageflip.com/pageflip-3d-pro/index.html
3D PageFlip is a company that creates innovative software for flipping book and most of them are 3D software. The latest product developed by them is the flip book maker – 3D PageFlip Software and it proves to be an effective marketing tool for online and offline business.

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