Actress, Dancer, Suzana Stankovic To Represent Arresting Body Dysmorphia Film By Joey Huertas

Actress, Dancer, Suzana Stankovic photographed by Ken Paprocki

/ Old Bridge Public Library of New Jersey to screen film about Body Dysmorphic Disorder by award-winning filmmaker, Joey Huertas with actress, dancer, Suzana Stankovic to speak from a dancer's and female's perspective

The Old Bridge Public Library ( known for its dedication to the arts and rich cultural programming, screens NICE PEOPLE, a documentary on a dancer who suffers from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 1:00pm, One Old Bridge Plaza, Old Bridge NJ, 08857 followed by Q&A with actress, dancer, Suzana Stankovic. The program consists of two additional shorts and is FREE to the public.

Joey Huertas ( a.k.a Jane Public, social worker, activist, art therapist and award-winning filmmaker, noted for his raw portrayals of real, everyday people caught in private, heart-wrenching sagas of pain and hope, illumines via the individual, the universal human quest for healing and love in a stripped-bare and surreal film style imbued with deep compassion and textural beauty.

Huertas’s films are shot on actual film, are made with a spirit of social activism and feature profoundly intimate sound tracks plucked from the subjects' lives-- interviews, confessions, psychotherapy sessions and self-spoken laments of the soul coupled with music and the filmmaker's own soundscapes that come and go, giving voice to the previously unheard and unseen, resulting in cinematic vignettes that are at once tragic, life-affirming and breathtaking.

Huertas’s 2008 film, Nice People, stands as one of his bravest and most remarkable films, documenting the true story of a dancer suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder and her battle against external and internal forces that make her life a living nightmare and an agonizing plea for self-acceptance.

David Marc of the Syracuse International Film Festival wrote of Nice People that, "neither the film nor its technique are for the faint of heart."

The film zeros in on existential and body-image issues, many of which are often experienced by female dancers, journeying the viewer through dark emotional terrain: the relationship to one’s body, distorted body image, intimacy between self and other, self-acceptance, disconnection, pressure to conform, parental emotional abuse, perfectionism, psychological torment and self-hatred.

Within the darkness however, there persists a sustained tenderness and reverence on the part of the filmmaker, cloaking the lone female subject as if protectively, in her brutal nakedness.

"I wanted to make a film that explores intimacy and acceptance and the walls of rejection we build toward ourselves, and the walls built by those closest to us. Why? How long can we stand the pain? And what does it take to bring them down so that healing can occur?" said filmmaker Joey Huertas, a.k.a Jane Public.

New York actress/dancer, Suzana Stankovic (, noted for her emotional depth, vision and daring will be present for the post-screening Q&A session.

"I am honored to represent this powerful film by Joey Huertas and to speak from the perspective of a dancer and female," Stankovic said.

Suzana Stankovic is an independent actress, dancer, performance artist and producer based in New York City noted for her emotional depth, vision and daring. Her credits include dancing in principal roles alongside Tony Award-winners to starring in independent films to being the fearless solo artist performing her own material on many of New York City's finest stages to widespread praise. Suzana Stankovic has been featured in numerous publications as both an artist and guest writer. For complete information please visit

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