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DayJet Technologies renamed BoldIQ to better align with its global cross-industry solutions.

/ DayJet Technologies announced effective January 14, 2013, the company will be renamed BoldIQ.

"We are very excited about our new name," said Roei Ganzarski, President and Chief Operating Officer. Ganzarski continued, "We believe this name aligns well with the principles and values that have served us to this point, and will continue to guide us as we grow and expand our business - to provide our customers with forward thinking, cutting edge, and sophisticated solutions that enable them to optimize their operations and manage and recover from disruptions in real time."

In order to advance its business strategy, the company completed a broad market and brand evaluation study resulting in the selection of this new name. The name change is part of a broader growth strategy to expand into, and serve additional industries operating in complex environments. The company’s current global customer base is in the aviation market. BoldIQ is well positioned to continue its growth in aviation with the robust solution of the proprietary optimization engine – SOLVER – embedded in a fully integrated and automated operations management platform – ASTRO. The integrated platform provides an unrivaled solution in this market segment.

SOLVER itself is a sophisticated industry-agnostic platform that can solve complex problems in real time using off-the-shelf computers. It is applicable to any highly complex industry that must balance expensive capital resource utilization and continuously changing market demand, all while adapting to ad-hoc disruptions, industries such as energy, telecommunications, information technology, military, and the broader transportation market. This proven platform is the basis for BoldIQ’s cross-industry growth strategy.

BoldIQ is a global provider of revolutionary software-driven optimization solutions to industries that operate in highly complex, constantly changing environments. The BoldIQ differentiator is our ability to optimize large scale resources and manage disruptions, all in real-time, generating significant increases in productivity and decreases in operating costs. For more information visit