Learn More, Study Less Using Holistic Study Techniques

/EINPresswire.com/ Scott Young, a young university graduate who has completed a 4-year MIT course in one-year through self-study has created a video and e-book course called Learn More Study Less for students world over. This course will help students learn more effectively and much faster.

Most people know that our education systems are archaic, flawed and are based on rote-based memorization. Students have to by-heart tons and tons of information and reproduce it during exams. Not only is blind memorization by repetition energy sapping for school and college students, it is an ineffective learning process. More often than not, blind memorization leads to lower grades and self-confidence. Even if a student manages to get better grades by memorizing, none of the concepts have been understood well and hence nothing sticks once the exam is over!

This young Canadian graduate called Scott Young has researched and proven that smart students (him included) don't spend hours memorizing stuff, but subconsciously use techniques that work with the way the neurons in their brains learn concepts. Scott says, "Smart people aren’t just gifted – they have a different learning strategy, that all students can learn." Scott calls this the holistic approach to learning. Based on his personal experience and experience and results seen by thousands of students around the world he has devised a comprehensive study technique course called Learn More, Study Less. His complete video course, ebook and Ninja Edition (which comes with 2-months free of Learning on Steroids which offers weekly emails, learning forums and access to Scott if a student wants coaching or help) have already helped thousands of students across the world.

Scott’s course and The Holistic Learning Strategy focusses on Constructs, Models and Highways from a theoretical perspective. Without getting too technical, a construct is defined as a set of tightly interlinked instructions in the brain, and if for example a person’s language construct is highly developed they will find learning languages much easier. So, if constructs are the door to holistic learning, Models are the key. Models are smaller constructs which are portable. Models could be visualizations that help you start learning a concept and build a construct. Finally Highways link the constructs which are like buildings or many buildings in a city. Highways are essential to link concepts and draw parallels, this is what makes a person creative and think creatively as a result of the Holistic Learning Process in Learn More, Study Less.

The process and the experiential tools and techniques that are addressed in this course are as follows:

1.Acquiring Ideas

•Speed Reading
•Flow-Based Note Taking

2.Linking Ideas

•Visceralization (Visualization plus relating to ideas)

3.Handling the Arbitrary

•Information Compression

4.Extending Ideas

•Practical Usage
•Model Debugging
•Project-Based Learning

Learn More, Study less Video Courses or just the eBook can be purchased at: The Learn More, Study Less website.

Scott Young is a Blogger and educator who focusses on helping people get more out of life. He has completed a 4-year MIT course in 1-year on a self-study basis and has given interesting talks at TEDx and other forums.

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