Controlled Automation's SICAM Plate Nesting Software Integrates With FabTrol MRP

Plate nesting integration between FabTrol MRP and SICAM helps steel fabricators coordinate plate nesting requirements with material and production planning

/ FabTrol Systems, a global provider of steel fabrication management solutions, and Controlled Automation, a global provider of steel fabrication/manufacturing machinery and related software, now provide roundtrip communication between FabTrol MRP and Controlled Automation's SICAM software.

This electronic roundtrip communication allows steel fabricators to manage parts, stock, purchasing and production in FabTrol MRP while leveraging SICAM's shaped plate nesting capability. Additionally, when NC data is imported from the building information model during a bill of materials import, the job's plate nesting requirements can be coordinated with a FabTrol MRP production schedule based on production batches, sequences, or sequences and lots.

Taking advantage of this integration is a two-step process. First, a plate nesting export of parts-to-cut--optionally filtered by material, production batch, sequence, etc.--is generated in FabTrol MRP and sent to SICAM. FabTrol MRP includes NC data in the export so shaped parts can be nested accurately; associates plate parts with stock plate to maintain full material traceability; and keeps track of remaining parts to cut.

When SICAM returns a nesting solution to FabTrol MRP, the fabricator can review the solution for quantities and sizes of nested parts as well as unnested parts, then immediately fill a purchase order with needed material. FabTrol MRP automatically tracks receipt of the purchased material and indicates when material for a specific nest is available.

Fabricators can track and review material status and details, including whether the material is in stock; has been purchased or not and if so, on which purchase order; the vendor and cost associated with the purchased material; and whether or not the material has been received. As material is used, material traceability data is carried forward through automatic communication with the CNC controller as cuts are confirmed in FabTrol MRP's production system. Additionally, planned plates can be easily swapped, when necessary, for those actually used in the shop.

For more information about FabTrol MRP's and SICAM's plate nesting integration, contact FabTrol Systems ( or +1-541-485-4719) or Controlled Automation ( or +1-501-577-5109).

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