Announces Free Trial Offer of Product announces free trial offers of two new products, the Worldwide IT Research report and the CIO Analyst Outlook report.

/ The executive leadership team at is pleased to announce the offering of two new free trial products, the Worldwide IT Research report and the CIO Analyst Outlook report. The business consulting firm decided to offer trials of the two products since they represent some of the company's most popular products.

A spokesperson for recently commented, "Today's businesses are hungry for more information. They're hungry for much more than the opinions of a blogger. Businesses want hard data… quantifiable research. We're happy to provide that through these two newsletters."

The Worldwide IT Research report from is published by J. William Day and provides analysis and forecasting in a variety of fields, including market research, investment banking, software, data storage, technology, manufacturing, and more.

"Our customers love the Worldwide IT Research report," commented a spokesperson for, "for its brevity and thoroughness. We pack dozens of stories into each monthly issue, providing all of the necessary facts without being verbose. Of course, customers who desire more information are always encouraged to contact us for additional reports and statistics."

The CIO Analyst Outlook, also published by J. William Day, presents new market findings on technology, Internet, cable, and other developments. Similar to the Worldwide IT Research report, the CIO Analyst Outlook report is published on a monthly basis.

A spokesperson for commented on the two reports: "We believe that the quality content that's packed into these two reports make them stand out from the crowd. Our clients know that the information they find in a report from will be fresh, interesting, and relevant. Most importantly, it won't be information they've already read elsewhere. Our clients value our ingenuity." hopes that the new free trial offers of these two products will help win new clients and convince prospective leads to become valued customers of By sharing original content with the world's leading entrepreneurs and business owners, the leadership team at believes it can change the face of the 2013 technology market.

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