"Powerful Puberty" Home Study Program for Girls and Their Mothers Launches December 12

Health, hormones and nutrition coach Jessica Drummond is launching the "Powerful Puberty" home study program in December. This program is designed to help mothers navigate the challenges and rewards of a daughter entering puberty and to discuss questions on fertility.

/EINPresswire.com/ FAIRFIELD, CT -- Mothers who are wondering how to navigate their daughters through puberty can find help in the form of "Powerful Puberty," a home study program available December 12 to be facilitated by health, hormones and nutrition coach, Jessica Drummond.

Drummond's five-module program was designed to walk parents, oftentimes mothers, through steps to empower their daughters through the challenges puberty brings. The five modules are full of video teachings, handouts, and images among other resources.

"Puberty can be a very challenging time not only for the girl going through the changes, but also for mothers who want to help their daughters enter this new phase of life. 'Powerful Puberty' can help parents and daughters understand and navigate their way through these changes. There's a strong emphasis on the role of mothers during this time and how they can be amazing healthy living role models for their daughters," explained Jessica Drummond, President and Owner of The POWERFUL Programs (for Women & Girls) (http://jessicadrummond.com/powerful-puberty-introduction/).

The modules cover topics such as the physical and emotional changes that girls go through during puberty as well as advice on when and how to talk to girls about sex and fertility. The program is designed so participants can move at their own individual pace, and it includes access to a Facebook support group for help along the way from Drummond herself.

On sale starting December 12, "Powerful Puberty" is $497 with payment options available. The term of the course is 6 months with rolling enrollment. Once enrolled, participants have access to all course materials for several months.

Drummond is available to teach the program to groups of parents either virtually or in-person. She recently spoke on the topic in Houston, Texas.

"Puberty is an extremely important transition time for girls. We know from many studies that people who make healthful changes in a supported way are more successful in the long term and we want to capitalize on that. By arming ourselves with the information and know-how to guide our girls through these years, we are setting them up for a lifetime of healthy living and making good choices," explained Drummond.

In addition to the "Powerful Puberty" program, Drummond provides private coaching for women at all stages of life from puberty through the childbearing years to menopause and beyond. Her integrative approach uses hard science and soft wisdom to transform women and girls into vibrant, healthy wellness role models.

About Jessica Drummond: Jessica Drummond runs a health, hormone and nutrition coaching business for women and girls. She helps women celebrate hormonal rites of passage, optimize their diet and self-care regimes, and reach their highest potential — at work, at home, and everywhere else their magnificent bodies can take them. Drummond's integrative methodology — The POWERFUL Programs (for Women & Girls) — blends hard science with soft wisdom, transforming worn-out peri-menopausal mothers and burned-out over-scheduled tween and teen girls into vibrant wellness role models.

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