Create Fun Holiday Portrait Props With Low Profile Casters From Access Casters

/ the holiday season approaches, many families will be taking a holiday portrait to send out to their loved ones. Access Casters has stem casters in many sizes, perfect for constructing Santa's sleigh to use as a photo prop.

Creating a holiday card that stands out from the many others that will be displayed this holiday season is a difficult task. Many families spend a good chunk of money going to a professional photo studio and getting a photographer to take their picture. But with the quality of cameras that are now available, other families are choosing to take their own and make them unique by adding distinctive props.

Access Casters, the online leader in caster wheels, offers affordable stem casters that are easy to use in craft and DIY projects. While stem casters are usually used in medical environments, they are also ideal for creative do it yourself enthusiasts, as they are durable and multi-functional. These low profile casters can easily be attached to most large items and can support heavy loads.

Some creative families have already used their imaginations to make their holiday photos stand out, including replicas of Santa's sleigh, the Christmas express train, or giant nutcrackers or toy soldiers. Any of these props can be easily crafted with items that are easily found around the home or bought at craft stores for a small amount, like old cardboard boxes, pallets, and wooden dowels. The addition of low profile casters simply makes it easier to manipulate the item to take the perfect picture.

In addition to stem casters, Access Casters offers low profile casters for nearly ever y industry, including hospitality, bakery, and theater casters. Known as a leader in the business, the company prides itself on delivering quality products and above average customer service.

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