Has A Potent Cocktail For Self-Awareness: Psychometry, Astrology And Social Media!

Have more fulfilling relationships - whether for love, friendship and/or professional contacts. And it is neither a nor a dating site, its

/ How many people casually look up the daily horoscope section in the newspaper? Let me hazard a guess, 6 or 7 out of 10. Why do people do it? Well, to try to find a piece of information about life; about love; about themselves that gives them a little more of an edge than they had previously. A nugget here, a nugget there, to increase awareness. packs lots of such nuggets as it nudges each visitor to a more informed 'you'. The site makes an effort to be a place where users connect; with like-minded people and with their inner selves.

The stated goal of Aligned Signs is to have more fulfilling relationships - whether for love, friendship and/or professional contacts. And it is neither a nor a dating site. The idea is that if a person is more aware of who they are, then that would reflect in the type of friends, relationships and work they choose. The choices made would be way more fruitful than when one is trying to be someone else.

Founder and CEO Jessica Baker launched the site with a vision to help members get in touch with their individual, unique personalities:

"In the rat race of time it is easy to lose sight of the person that you are. But knowing yourself is the cornerstone of successful relationships. We won't tell you what to look for, but we will equip you with the intrapersonal insight to ensure that you find what you're looking for."

The site gives users access to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (R) - a scientific psychometric analyzer of preferences to help better understand the way a person views and interacts with the world. Time tested methods of Chinese Zodiac and Western Astrology are also available for the same purpose. Once an individual has more clarity, there are options to connect with compatible people. Like other social media sites, a user can 'like' profiles or send 'waves' of positivity. The site gives visitors things to do for having a healthy mind, body, and soul. A member can read blogs, attend events to network, purchase items in the gift shop, and meet other members. Aligned Signs believes in keeping things simple. It does not re-invent the wheel. Rather, it puts the wheel to good use.

Jayne Baker

About is a self-awareness and relationships website. The site strives to achieve this through a three-pronged approach involving Psychometry, Western Astrology and Chinese zodiac. For more information, visit

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