Haley Brand Intelligence Announces a Brand Social Management Program

Haley Brand Intelligence announces a new social media management program to their suite of complete brand management services

/EINPresswire.com/ From branding experience and innovation marketing strategies to marketing implementation and performance reporting, Haley Brand Intelligence has been helping companies strengthen their brand reputation and market position for over a decade. Haley Brand Intelligence is proud to announce the addition of a social media management program to their already extensive arsenal of brand management services.

"The addition of this new social media management program to the Haley Brand suite of services allows Haley Brand to take our client brand reputations to an even higher level," states Gayle Haley, CEO and Founder of Haley Brand Intelligence (http://haleybrand.com). "Being able to extend the reach of our client messages to targeted online audiences ensures our clients the added exposure needed to solidify brand position in a global marketplace."

The new social media management program offers a variety of components including web, social and article content creation, infographic design, social media monitoring, and performance reporting delivered via a customized client dashboard. The program was designed to further support the brand and marketing strategies Haley Brand creates and implements for their client base.

"Being able to capitalize on social media and incorporate it into our clients' marketing strategies allows us to take our clients into the global market and take their messages into markets many of them have never been able to enter previously," says Gayle Haley, CEO and Founder of Haley Brand Intelligence (http://haleybrand.com). "Having the added capability of being able to monitor real-time performance and adjust messaging on a dime allows us to optimize our client's messaging as needed."

About Haley Brand Intelligence:
Established in 1993, Haley Brand Intelligence is an independent branding agency that harnesses the power of ideas to help companies achieve their purpose.

Collectively delivering the resources and experience clients need, while maintaining the responsiveness, flexibility and personal relationships they want, Haley Brand Intelligence designs marketing and content strategies that solidify brand positioning and catapult brands into a global marketplace.

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